Yes it's time for another Good or Bad blog people *gets shot*.

Yeah I know a lot of people here dislike me and I understand why. My attitude is not the best sadly and when i'm frustrated I attack people for no reason whatsoever. I don't even know why is this. I've heard that i'm an annoying person and you know what? Check out my icon to see my reaction to this. I don't think i'm annoying. (Okay maybe I am, God knows). I also discovered that I comment too much on blogs and disagree with many other users opinion and maybe I came off rude a little bit? I'm sorry about that. Just because I disagree with you, doesn't mean I don't respect your opinion. Sorry if I ever offended you or anything. I don't like fighting, I like watching fights. ;)

Okay now let's talk about what this blog will be about. Well my BFF and religion Epic told me some really good characters that I should talk about. I decided to do a blog about Alejandro Justin! 

I don't really know what the heck to say about this guy since I don't really know what the fandom thought about himevery bad guy loves (and Cameron) besides Mal. What do they see in her? Okay she has a nice butt but C'MON GURL IS INCREDIBLY SKINNY'.  'She's almost as skinny as Katie! What does she even eat? DOES SHE EVEN EAT ANYTHING? Staci is more beutiful than her. Atleast Staci has some nice lips and nice shoes. What does Courtney have besides her butt? NOTHING! AGH! Why did only Sam think Dakota is hot in TDROTI? Okay that gurl is skinny as well but She atleast has a cute face, cute personality, GREAT HAIRSTYLE, and just overall a hottie. (ew Dakotazoid). Why did none of the girls found Topher cute while Mike and Dave gets 2 girls? For God's sake this show gives me a headache. 

Oh wait I forgot i'm talking about Justin. So Justin had a mini conflict with every guy in that episode and lost the challenge. Courtney told him she likes immunity more than him (again, what's so attractive about this gurl), and got voted off. FOR GOOD. In TDWT he was pretty much replaced by Alehunkdro. From what I've seen, some people think he was funny while some think he was a pathetic loser who should die forever and never appear again like he did a crime or something. So yeah, I think he's just another mixed bag like Topher in the fandom. Also, Noah has more fangirls than him hehe ;). 

My opinion on him? I think he's a meh character to be completely honest. How can anyone like him in TDI? LMAO. Atleast B did something interesting in his 3 episodes while Justin didn't do anything. Katie made it farther than him. I kinda liked him in TDI special and I was honestly shocked. I thought he liked how Katie and Sadie were fangirling over him. Meh. In TDA, I don't think he was a bad antagonist. He was good in those 11 episodes. Why did they decided to change him? I don't even know. Justin wasn't really that good after that to me. He was funny but not entertaining. He was annoying in that Prince episode though. What else can I say about him? He has an annoying voice, but pretty good design. (I don't think he's the prettiest guy in the show thought, that is Mr Coconut). I don't really like his face, and his butt. I think his face is really ugly but maybe that's just me. Aside from that, his design is alright. Owen looks hotter than him tho. 

What did you think about Justin Bieber? Comment if you want. Peace and love. (Mostly love)

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