Well, today's my birthday! Now i'm officially 15 years old xD

Because I love so many people on this wiki, I'm going to talk about my favorite users of this wiki! (not in order)

Stryzzar - You're funny, helpful and hot! Ignore the last one xD. But I really like you and you deserve to become an admin.

Ellafan4evr - I like you too! You are a kind person!

PhoenixDragonSamurai - You're funny like omg. Your opinions are great and I have to say.. you're probably the most mature user (who's not an admin) of this wiki!

DerpyandDawn - Ew Sampher!

TheEpicDerstroyer - My best friend overall! You're great! <3

TDIFan13 - Great admin who's always here to help! <3

NumberThreefan - TDIFan13 - Great admin who's always here to help! <3

BatmanTDI - Because he's Batman! <3

Tomati - Your comments and just wonderful! Please comment more! <3

And last but not least..

Codyfan12 - Another mature, funny and great user! Love you! <3

I'm sorry if I didn't mention you! :( This doesn't mean I hate you, I just like these 10 users more than you!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! <3

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