Hey y'all it's DipDap again! It's time for another "good or bad" blog! This time, I'm going to talk about a popular character. Our bad boy Duncan! 

So, Duncan in TDI was pretty liked but the fandom I guess. In TDA though... TDA made people hate Duncan.

Nobody liked how he cheated in some challenges (The Princess PrideOne Million Bucks, B.C.)  and nobody liked how mean and how much of a jerk he was to Harold, Trent, Lindsay and Justin. In TDWT people started to hate him even more! (I don't think I need to explain this). In TDAS... I don't know. I think people hated him because his plot was pretty bad and because he was big jerk to Gwen in Moon Madness. Overall, Duncan is popular character but he's very hated by the wikia members. 

To me Duncan is a pretty bad character. I never really liked him in TDI (I have to say, he was pretty funny in some episodes), he was even more unlikeable in TDA and in TDWT. TDAS was the only season where he was
Duncan With A Chainsaw this can't be good
tolerable. His plot to me was pretty good and I liked how sweet and nice he was to Gwen in the first 4 episodes of the season. 

What's your opinion on him? Comment your opinion on him (only of you want).     


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