Welcome to my last blog till we get to know the next season of TD/RR. Until then I will disappear. I have never in my life made a seasonal review before. Now I will do one. I will talk about: Teams, Episodes, Relationships, Comedy, Animation/Music, Elimination Order and Overall thoughts. The first one "teams" will be in list order, from my least favorite to my favorite. I hope the admins won't kill me for this. I'm too young to die :(


ME 7
18th. Geniuses - Ellody and Mary - Overrated is the best word I can describe this team. Even if their fanbase is quiet on the wiki, you don't even know how many fanboys do these 2 have on facebook. I have no idea why do people like this team so much. They had literally 0 lines in the first 3 episodes (just Ellody talked some smart stuff like Scarlett in TDPI), and in episode 4 when Mary FINALLY decided to say something, they were annoying. Mocked the Fashion Bloggers, and annoyed me deeply. I loved their elimination though. Overall, this team was pointless, boring and total overrated. I also think they were the most poorly made characters this season. Emilie Barlow put 0 effort into Ellody, and her design looks way too much like Courtney's. Mary has a good body, but UGLY face that makes her look like Harold. Her voice was okay but she barely even said anything. She looks like a witch with that HUGE nose. Ew. 
Gerry and pete int
17th Tennis Rivals - Gerry and Pete - Another team that is very well liked, for some reason. They were one of my favorites when the first episode was leaked, but they disappointed me so much after that. First, how in the world did they get third in Morocco? Then in episode 3 I despised them and I was glad to see them go. The fact that they mocked the Vegans many times was disgusting. They didn't even sabotaged each other like they did in episode 1. They just became your generic Old Man stereotypes that I don't give a damn about. They weren't any better in the finale either. 
Chet lorenzo beg
16th. Stepbrothers - Chet and Lorenzo - What makes this team better than the 2 above is that they atleast had a story and development. I found them really annoying and their plot to be old in the first 10 episodes. Then they were just.. there. I'm not kidding. From episode 10 to 13 they didn't even say a single line. Why did the producers make this plot last for so long? They could've just end it in episode 10 or 9. But no. It was good to see them finally fixing their relationship with eachother but they still anooyed me. Overall, an annoying team that lasted for too long, but at least had a story. 
Jay and Mickey Vs. The Pencil
15th. Adversity Twins - Mickey and Jay - They didn't have any story or development, but I didn't hate them. The sad music that played sometimes was really annoying. I don't care about them having Cameron's old design. The alliance between them and the Sisters was cool but sadly it only lasted for one episode. I don't hate this team, but they and the Stepbros should've go home way earlier than they did. Also, Mickey is definitely better imo. Why? Because he atleast interacted with some people, other than just explain allergies like how Jay did.
Tdp rr leonard and tammy by jayspanish-d8xcz1v
14th. LARpers - Leonard and Tammy - I loved them. They were hilarious first eliminated duo for a good reason. They definitely didn't belong in there and it was nice to see them annoying the other teams. Tammy didn't have any original personality, but her confetti throwing scenes were hilarious. I also like her voice and design. Leonard was way better than he was in TDPI, I have no idea why. Maybe because he didn't get that many screentime like he had in TDPI. Why is this team this low if I only said nice things about them? Well, they were eliminated first. I can't put a first eliminated team higher than some teams who made it way farther than them.
Owena nd noah plane dubai
13th. Reality TV Pros - Owen and Noah - I will get some hate for this. What brings this team this low to me is definitely Noah's performance this season. Many of us loved him in TDWT because of his sarcastic attitude. The only episodes this season where Noah was funny was episode 2 and 18. In the rest, he was painfully unfunny. It's sad when a character like Devin was funnier than one of the most liked character in the franchise, Noah. Owen was way better. He did make some fart jokes but he also showed that he matured a lot since TDWT. Especially when he took care of the team when Noah was heartbroken. I also liked their interactions with the Sisters. 
Carrie devin rhino
12th. Best Friends - Carrie and Devin - 2 good characters with an annoying plotline. Oh my. We all knew that they will get together at the end of the season, no matter what. This plot made Devin annoying in the first 19 episodes of the season, and when he realised he loves Carrie, Carrie became annoying for 4 episodes. I really disliked their plot but I would be a jerk with no hearth if I didn't smile when they kissed. That was cute. I didn't like how they were pain magnets (mostly Devin) but it showed that they aren't Zoke. Carrie was great when she interacted with others, even if her interactions were mostly about her plot with Devin (The Samey and Jasmine friendship was mostly about Samey's plot with Amy but we still all liked it). Devin didn't interact that much with other characters though. Overall, 2 decent characters with an annoying plot.
Junior lecturing Dwayne
11th. Father and Son - Dwayne and Dwayne Jr - I didn't hate this team at all. I found Dwayne to be hilarious sometimes, and Junior was one of the most normal and relatable characters this season. I'm impressed at how well did Fresh handle a 13 years old character. Their plot was nice and relatable, and I loved their Nemo plotline in episode 12. So why are they not in the top 10? Well, mostly because of Dwayne. I wasn't a fan of his sexist lines in episode 2, and I found him really annoying in the fifth episode of the season. Other than that, this team was really funny and memorable with a fanbase that they deserve. 
Laurie and Miles
10th. Vegans - Laurie and Miles - Imo this is Mary and Ellody done right. Beautiful and well done designs, way better voices, and way better plotline. At first, they seemed like some Dawn rip-offs but they developed more and more episode after episode. They had some really funny lines in episode 2, 4 and 3, but episode 5 is the episode where their plot started. Laurie was great when she beat up Don and cursed Dwayne. She got karma for what she did after that. Miles took care of the team in episode 6 and showed that she's a really good teammate. Laurie hinted that she may like meat now. This is why they should've returned. I want to know more about this meat thing. Then they were eliminated because of a penalty. They were eliminated way too early to me, but I liked them in those 6 episodes they were in. 
9th. Daters/Haters - Ryan and Stephanie - Great designs, good voices, eh plot, good characters. Ryan didn't really do much at first, but I liked his interactions with Carrie and his tactic in episode 22. It was pretty funny. Stephanie was definitely the new Courtney. At first, she seemed like a nice girl but she turned out to be a competition freak, who attacked that poor intern in Romania, mocked that poor donkey, and had some conflicts with other characters like Josee, Kitty, Devin and Carrie. I disliked the boomerang scene because it was just so dumb. Their story definitely lasted longer than I thought it will, but I really liked their development in episode 23. It really shocked me that they made it that far. So yeah, i'm one of the few people who liked them.
Rockers frst place
8th. Rockers - Rock and Spud - At first, I really disliked them because they were more useless and pointless than the Stepbrothers. But now I love them. Rock never annoyed me. He has a good design and good reason as to why he wants to win. Spud was my least favorite character back then, but he redeemed himself in episode 10. He was TD's Scooby Doo in that episode, and it was hilarious. His delayed reactions were really funny to me, especially in the finale and in episode 14. Spud's heartbreak song was HILARIOUS. It made me laugh for more than 3 hours and I rewatched it like 9000 times already. Carrie's reaction was also hilarious. This was an hilarious team. I just wish they had more screentime in the first 9 episodes.
Tom and Jen 2
7th. Fashion Bloggers - Tom and Jen - One of the funniest characters to me. They were hilarious in episode 3, 2, 5, 4 and 1. The fact that they decided to go shopping in Paris yet they still got a fantastic ranking (I think they got third place, I can't remember) was really impressive. Jen was really funny when she interacted with Bjork, or when she was reading that magazine in episode 2 and saw a dress and said "oh I would look really good in that". They are comedy gold to me. Too bad they didn't do anything in Brasil. In Romania, they had a mini-plot that only lasted for one episode. We learnt that Jen is really good in gymnastics while Tom is terrible at it (I feel you Tom, I feel you). It was incredibly cute when they fixed their friendship and their elimination speech was sad and beautiful. I missed them so much after that. Definitely the best fodders this season who should come back in the future. I also adore their voices and designs. 
6th. Surfer Dudes - Geoff and Brody -  And here are they. The winners in America. I really did like them, but not as much as 5 other teams. Their interactions with each other were really cute and relatable. I still ship them. They also had some comedic moments like in episode 21 and 16. Their friendship was really well written. Geoff was back to his TDI personality, thank God. I didn't like how they returned and won though, but at least they were nice guys who said they will split the money with Carrie and Devin. So.. if you think about it, in America, both of them won. So did in TDPI Shawn and Jasmine. What else can I really say about them? They were cool. 
Ennui Drawing Crimson
5th. Goths - Ennui and Crimson - Best team in terms of backstory and comedy. Both were really funny and had some really good lines. I found Ennui to be slightly better than Crimson in terms of Comedy though. Loki was a nice new plotline. It reminded me a lot of DJ and Bunny but Loki was way more important. Their backstory was nice, and their preppy look was cute. The only bad things about this team is really the fact that they did less things than the Geniuses in the first 4 episodes. Their voices is GREAT. Carter and Stacey put a lot of effort into them, especially Carter. Their designs were really good and original. Their background music is really good. I loved it. 
Kelly slays camera man
4th. Mother and Daughter - Kelly and Taylor - I will get some hate for this. Why is team so damn high on the list? The answer is simple. Funny, relatable, great plot, great parodies, fantastic designs. There. The 5 main reasons why I like this team. I found both of them to be really funny. Taylor with her nowadays girls dialogue, Kelly and her cute attempts at making Taylor love her more (like in Romania for example). I can see people like them in real life, and there are people like them. Heck, they are really the most relatable team out of everyone. They and the Sisters. Their plot was really well written imo. It ended a little bit faster than I thought but it was great. Many people complained about it, but the finale confirmed that they still like eachother. They are GREAT parodies of Regina George and her mom from Mean Girls. They have the best female design I've ever seen in this show. Kelly's hair is fantastic, and the fact that she's older than my mom yet she still looks like a hottie is really impressive. Taylor looks even better. She isn't skinny but isn't fat either. She looks like a teen girl that you can see in real life. Overall, a great, funny, relatable team, with good plot and great designs. I really REALLY want to see them again. Imagine Taylor competing in Total Drama. It would be so cool <3
CARE1008271500006408 006 640x360
3rd. Ice Dancers - Jacques and Josee - They aren't the best antagonist in this show. They only managed to get the Goths out and that's it. But they were definitely the funniest antagonists this show has ever had. Jacques with his cute, hilarious accent made me laugh many times. Like his obsession with that dress in Las Vegas, or his obsession with his speedo. Josee also had some hilarious moments. Her tantrums were hilarious to watch. Their rivalry with the Cadets and Sisters were one of the best things about this spin-off. Their backstory is really interesting. Partners for 14 years? Wow. I do think they should've get more karma, but I was glad they didn't go bald or in a full body cast. Their curse plot was.. okay I guess, but I liked them a lot more when they decided to sabotage the other teams. Their designs is really good. Jacques looks really attractive for a cartoon character, while Josee looks like.. omg. She looks really creepy. But unlike Mary, there's a good reason why she looks like this. Overall, a great team that I want to see more of. 
2nd. Sisters - Emma and Kitty - Wow, my Top 3 made really far in the competition. Anyway, why are they so high? If you know me, you would know that Kitty is my absolute favorite character in this spin-off. Her full with life attitude really made my life better and view the world differently. Her interactions and conflicts with the other characters were natural and understandable. And they weren't about Kitty's relationship with Emma. Kitty also had some funny moments, just like some other characters. What about Emma? At first, I disliked her. For obvious reasons. She was way too cruel to Kitty, but not Amy level of cruel. Still cruel. But thanks to Noah, she changed a little bit. After Noah was eliminated, she grew on me. She interacted with other characters, learnt to love Kitty a lot more than money and learnt that competition is not always everything. It was really, really good to watch when she was worried about Kitty's safety. She also cursed.. lol. I missed that so much. Emma's development made me love this team a lot more than I did, but I still like Kitty a lot more than her. Their voices are alright, but Stephanie Mills didn't really bother to give Kitty a different voice. Sadly. Their designs are really good. Emma has an original design but looks way too short and her butt is too gigantic. Kitty has the same legs as Lindsay, and her clothes are a mixture of Lindsay and Courtney's clothes. But her headshape, face, and hair is original. Thank God. 
1st. Police Cadets - Sanders and MacArthur - I absolutely adore every single thing about this team. They started off as my favorite team, and ended up as my favorite team. :D Sanders at first, was boring, but she started to show more of her original personality, and when she showed that she isn't always a good cop. That scene where she sacrificed herself in order to get the tip back in the finale was great, and it was fun to watch. MacArthur, or should I say, Valentina, had the most amount of development and personality this season. My second favorite individual character. She was hilarious with her glutes jokes and her bad cop attitude. Her conflicts with some of the animals were really funny, or when she revealed some stuff about her in episode 18. That was comedy gold. Their rivalry with the Ice Dancers were the best thing about this spin-off for me, and i'm glad it lasted a whole season. But the reason why this team is number 1 is really their overall development. MacArthur learnt to respect Sanders a lot more than she did, and learnt that maybe she's the underdog between the two and Sanders is way stronger than her. Sanders was really great when she stand up for herself and forgived MacArthur for what she did to her in Russia. Their Voices? a 10/10. Their designs? another 10/10. Is there anything that I dislike about this team? Well, not every character is perfect. They also had one flaw. Which is MacArthur's toilet humor in Finland and Hawaii. That really didn't fit well with her personality. But this team still remains my favorite, and my second favorite winners of the entire franchise. 


Since I already did a review on all of them, I will just rank them from my least favorite to my favorite.

26. Bahamarama 4/10

25. Brazilian Pain Forest 5/10

24. New Beijinging 6/10

23. Lord of the Ring Toss 6/10

22. Mediterranean Homesick Blues 7/10

21. I Love Ridonc & Roll 7/10

20. Maori or Less 7/10

19. None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 7.5/10

18. Little Bull on the Prairie 7.5/10

17. My Way or Zimbabwe 7.5/10

16. None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2 8/10

15. Dude Buggies 8/10

14. El Bunny Supremo 8/10

13. Hello and Dubai 8.5/10

12. Got Venom 8.5/10

11. Down and Outback 8.8/10

10. French is an Eiffel Language 9/10

9. A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket 9/10

8. How Deep is Your Love 9.3/10

7. Hawaiian Honeyruin 9.5/10

6. Darjeel With It 10/10

5. Last Tango in Buenos Aires 10/10

4. Shawshank Ridonc-tion 10/10

3. Bjorken Telephone 10/10

2. Ca-Noodling 10/10

1. A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars 10/10


Carrie and Devin - Cliche, boring, annoying, but ended up being cute. Do I need to say more?

Stephanie and Ryan - Bland at first, but ended up becoming a developed Duncney. 

Emma and Noah - Cute but made Noah OOC sometimes

Crimson and Ennui - Cute, natural, developed, had a backstory. Really well written couple but why didn't they kiss eachother at all?

Comedy/Animation/Background Songs/Challenges/Don

The Comedy was really good, the animation was the best the show has ever had, the background songs were new and catchy (The cadets and the goths had the best songs btw) The challenges were original and were challenges that all of us can do in real life. Not every challenge was great, but most of them were good. Don was boring, not funny and had zero personality. As much as I hate Chris for what he did to Dakota, he was way more inetersting than Don.

Overall thoughts

My absolute favorite season for the reasons above. I really hope there will be another season of this. 

This Spin-Off gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me. 

Thank you for reading!

Cadets omeny

The Ending that I prefer