First things first, everything you see here is just a Prediction. Nothing has been confirmed yet. All we know about the new season right now is that some season 1 favorites will be back, and that the intro will remain 20 seconds long (ew).

Heya! DipDap here with another blog! As we all know, our favorite show is getting a new season. A lot of people have been making predictions on here, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, everywhere. So, I think it's time for me to make a prediction as well. Btw, remember when I predicted the Cadets' victory in RR? Yep. I totally called it. ;))


I highly think the theme of the season will be Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty. This would be the best way to reintroduce some of the season 1 characters if you ask me. A lot of people could fit into the 3 categories. Noah, Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Justin, Izzy, LeShawna, Cody (if we consider that he has a lot of fangirls both in real life and in the TD universe thanks to the Drama Bros), Harold, Eva, even Trent. Heather, Duncan, Lindsay and Courtney could also fit in at least 1 of the 3 categories. 

Cast and Season Lenght

This season could celebrate TDI's 10th anniversary, why else do you think Christine and Christian mentioned "our favorites from season 1"? I highly think this season will pay homage to TDI by having a cast of 21 characters! 7 contestants in each team. Since ROTI had 7 males and 6 females, I think it would make sense for this season to have 11 females and 10 males, with 1 male possibly debuting in the future like in TDWT, thus making the full cast list 22. The season will have 26 episodes obviously. The 13 episodes format is liked by literally nobody in the world. I swear, if CN orders 13 episodes for this season I will literally freak out. 


The location could be anything. The film lot, a new island, another World Tour, Pahkitew Island again, or even something completely new, like let's say, Mars. I will go with a new island. As I said, this season could pay homage to TDI. A new, realistic and normal island would be a great way to pay homage to TDI. Either a new island, or the space. Jk. Another location that I would like to see is a cruise, with them visiting a new island every episode, and the challenges will take place there. But that would be WAAY too similar to TDWT. 

Elimination Device

We had a lot of elimination devices. A Boat, Limo, Flying in the air, a Cannon even a Giant Toilet that

nobody liked. Again, TDI's 10th anniversary. I think the elimination device will be a Ship. You know, like the one that we saw in a Brunch of Disgustingness. That would be the best way for an All Star to leave the game. 


Leshaniqua Chris McLean of course, with Chef as... the Chef, and sometimes the co-host. Chris was practically confirmed to come back in the video.

Characters and Teams

This is what interest the fandom the most. Who could come back? Well, almost every character has a chance to return right now. No character was confirmed to compete, or not to compete yet. Everyone has a chance. If you ask me, none of the RR characters will compete. Why? Because RR is a different show and we should keep it that way. Plus the fact that they would be introduced as new characters, something that I doubt we wiil get.

Now, the teams. 


A lot of people could be in this team. But If I could pick only 7, these would be the 7 characters I would pick.

Izzy - Izzy is crazy, but not dumb. She's one of the 3 characters whos IQ was revealed, and her IQ is the biggest out of them all.  A lot of people love Izzy and want to see her back, including me. This would be the perfect chance for her to come back. 

Alejandro - Another character whos IQ was confirmed. He's smart, manipulative, strong and charming. He's one of the characters that could fit in any of the teams, but I think he fits here the most because of his great gameplay.

Harold - Smart and popular character from the first 3 seasons. Best way to bring him back would be this.

Noah - Another character whos IQ was revealed. A lot of people like him, especially on Tumblr. 

Cameron - Do I even need to explain this? The guy build a robot costume out of trash.

Scarlett - No Need to explain this one either.

Courtney - Another character who could fit in any of the teams, but I think she would fit here the most. She's smart, which was shown many times. Plus, she has unifinished plotlines.



Just like with the Braniacs, a lot of people could fit into this category as well. Well, let's see who would I pick.

Tyler - His strenght was seen many times in the show. He's a jock, and a lot of people like him.

Eva - Probably the strongest character besides Jasmine that didn't turn into a mutant. She was made to be in this team.

Brick - Muscular, popular, only competed in one season, but it's still considered one of the best 2nd generation characters, if not the best.

Jo - Strong, popular.

Sky - An athlete, with a lot of plot potential left. 

Scott - Has strong muscles, needs to finish his plot with Courtney.

LeShawna - She could take you out with just one slap. Popular character who hasn't competed since World Tour.



Again, a lot of people could fit in here, not just the 7 that I will mention.

Lindsay - Possibly the most liked character of the entire show. She's considered very hot in the TD universe.

Justin - He was basically made to be in a team like this. 

Duncan - A lot of girls were atracted to him in the show, and even in real life.

Topher - He non-stop talked about how hot he is. No character was attracted to him in the show (besides himself) but a lot of people in real life consider him cute. This would be the best, and possibly the only way to bring this character back.

Sugar - A pageant queen who also considers herself beautiful and incredibly attractive. 

Bridgette - Bridgette has a huge chance of coming back. Her voice actor pretty much confirmed that she will work on the new season. Bridgette was a pretty well liked character, and since Geoff got a lot of time to shine without his girlfriend, I think it's Bridgette's turn now (who will hopefully learn from her TDWT mistakes.) I originally put Katie in here, but maybe she would be better in another season of RR instead of TD. Why would Bridgette be in the beauty tribe? Well, she's a surfer. A lot of people find surfers attractive right? Fun Fact: Thanks to one of the admins of this wiki who I follow on Tumblr, I found out Bridgette's VA is vegan, just like the character that she plays. Aww. 

Gwen - Weird to see Gwen in a team like this, isn't it? Well, a lot of characters were attracted to Gwen in the show, some who weren't even called her attractive. In real life, from what I've seen on the internet, she's considered to be the most attractive girl of the show. She also needs to finish her plot with Courtney.



None other than the man himself, Dave. Why? Needs to finish his plot with Sky. 

And with that, this is it. What do you think about my prediction? Tell me by commenting. Have a great day!

DipDap out.

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