Hey total drama wiki members!

My Sugar Blog  got so many comments, so I decided to make another blog about another character who, believe it or not, is very similar to Sugar. Yes, it's Courtney.  

Courtney was one of the most liked characters back in the TDI days. People liked her bossy yet kind
Queen Courtney

TD Producers, why do you hate me so?

personality. In TDA she gained many haters, because no one liked how she debuted into the game. Many people said she was a spoiled and annoying girl. In TDWT she was neutral to everyone in the first 13 episodes, but after Crapcan's  return, she changed very very badly. The love triangle made many people hate Courtney and Gwen as well. In TDAS she was again, neutral to many people in the first 10 episodes, but SMS changed everything. Also, in TDAS the Scott fans started to like Courtney because of her relationship with Scott. She's still one of the most popular characters in the series. 

My Opinion: I liked her in TDI and even in TDA because in TDI she was very likeable. (She was kinda like

Why dd you hate me in TDAS?

Jasmine) and in TDA, I thought she was a very good antagonist. in TDWT she was pretty boring in the first 12 episodes (Seriously, she didn't do anything) but in episode 13 she was likeable again. Her interactions with Gwen were awesome. After Crapcan's  return.... I don't know. I felt sad for her though. TDAS was the season where I totally disliked Courtney. She was annoying in every episode for me.    

So yeah, Courtney in neutral to me. What's your opinion on her? Comment your opinion on her (only of you want).  


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