"One thing I never understood about some people is how they absolutely love Bridgette but utterly despise Zoey... like why? They're practically the same boring, generic nice girl. I don't see why people act like Bridgette is some goddess when before Zoey even came to existence, she was the "original" Zoey blanding it up with her boringness and how she revolved around Geoff primarily. Just like Zoey with Mike. All I can say is you can give Bridgette red hair and have Zoey and give Zoey blonde hair and have Bridgette. Only somewhat good thing I can say about ol' Bridgey is she isn't a godplayer but.... she's pretty much as boring as Zoey just isn't as bad maybe. Other than that, I never understood why people loved her so much but hate Zoey like crazy. Idk. Never made sense to me but that's just me..."

A person from the Offcial Total Drama Fanpage wrote this. I have to disagree with him alot but many people agreed with him/her in the comments. 

What do you think? Are they similar?

Also, many people want me to continue the good or bad blogs. Should I continue them?

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