I decided to re-watch the whole series because I didn't watch any episode since the TDPI finale premiere. I re-watched TDWT, TDPI, TDAS and now TDROTI already and I just started yesterday to re-watch TDI. My opinions changed drastically. Especially on TDROTI. Let's start.


Staci: When I first watched this season I thought she was annoying with an annoying voice and nothing more. After re-watching the season, I honestly think she was a fun character. Her voice fits her perfectly. It's annoying but that's what Staci used to be: annoying. She's 9th in my rankings. 

B: B is boring to me. The fact that he didn't say a single word was okay, I didn't mind. I liked that he was a genius and all but honestly, he's the only character that you know won't ever return. He was just Scott's first victim and nothing more. I don't understand why did B vote Sam off in Ice Ice Baby. He's 13th in my rankings. 

Dawn: I adore Dawn's design and her voice. She and Brick were the most interesting characters to me in the season. Sadly, they didn't use her that much. For example in Finders Creepers she was only seen for like 5 minutes. I do think she has potential left and I completely understand why many people like her but I think there were better characters than her. She's 6th in my rankings. 

Sam: Sam was okay. His relationship with Dakota is one of my favorites but that's literally the only thing that I liked about Sam. His design in eh, his voice is eh and his personality is eh. To me he lasted way too long. I don't think he was annoying, he was just... eh. He's 12th in my rankings. 

Brick: Brick was/is and will be always a funny character to me. He had plenty of funny moments and interactions with the others. He was always useful in challenges. His interactions with Jo were great. I honestly thought they will end up as a couple in the end of the season. Brick is great but there are 3 characters that are better than him. He's 4th in my rankings. 

Anne Maria: Anne Maria was just hilarious to watch. Her voice cracks me up. It's so good and funny it's hilarious. Without her the Zoke plot would be boring as heck but thanks to her it wasn't that boring. I liked that even thought, she only cares about herself all the time, she still cares about his teammates. That was shown in FInders Creepers when she cared about Brick's safety or in Backstabbers Ahoy when she saved Jo's life. To me she's not a villain at all. She's 3rd in my rankings. 

Dakota: Dakota was okay in the first 2 episodes. After she became an intern I started to feel bad for and I gained sympathy for her. Many people say that TDPI is Chris's worst season. No, just no. TDROTI Chris is far worse than TDPI Chris. But let's talk about Dakota. Her development this season was amazing. Samkota is amazing. After her mutation, she was still likeable unlike the other freak named Ezekiel. I liked her and I want her to return as a human again, but if she likes how she looks right now then why should we care about her look so much? Whatever. Dakota is 5th in my rankings. 

Mike: Okay many people are going to hate me now but why does so many people hate TDROTI Mike? Look, just because he's Mike doesn't mean he's bad in every season. In TDROTI to me he was okay. He had more interactions with the other characters than TDAS Mike. He did interact with Jo, Scott, Zoey, Cameron, Staci and even with Dakota a little bit in episode 8. 6 is enough for me. He had one funny line that cracked me up and I honestly think Zoke was kinda cute in TDROTI. The only thing that I disliked about Mike was that he was kinda bland but that's it. He's 7th in my rankings. 

Jo: Jo was perfect without a doubt. Her gameplay was amazing, her jokes were actually funny. Her interactions with Brick, Lightning and Cameron were the best for me. Every interaction with Jo was great. She should've been in the finale with Lightning imo. She's 2nd in my rankings. 

Scott: I wasn't a big fan of Scott this season. His strategy was terrible. He had luck being in a team full with idiots and finding the immunity idol. Look I tried to like this guy but idk why, I wanted him gone so badly. There was something about him that made you dislike him and just want him gone. His interactions with Fang were great and how he eliminated Mike was great and well written I have to admit. I felt bad for his teammates tbh. He's 10th in my rankings. 

Zoey: Zoey was bland and boring in the first 10 episodes. I didn't like how she called Dawn a witch in the confessional and voted out Dakota just because both were oddballs. Didn't she want to make friends? Didn't she say she likes oddballs? Zoey was more bland than Mike imo. Commando Zoey on the other hand was great. It was interesting to watch that Zoey. Too bad we only saw that Zoey for 2 episodes. She's 11th in my rankings.

Lightning: Lightning is and will be always the third most hilarious character and the most hilarious male character in my eyes. He's just Sha-funny. How he thought Jo was a guy always made me laugh and never got old. How he was obsessed with protein was also funny. He did change a little bit after Scott's elimination but I didn't care. Lightning was still sha-amazing. Hid design is also perfect. Many male OCs have big butts nowadays because of him. ... why did I say that? Whatever, Lightning is my favorite character from this generation and 1st in my rankings. 

Cameron: Cameron wasn't that great in this season to me. In the first 7 episodes he was just there to me. He was pretty boring. His voice is annoying but his design is okay.  In episode 8 though... episode 8 is pretty much Cameron's second worst episode. He was just.. evil in that episode. That's the best word I can describe him. After episode 8 I started to like him. His interactions with Lightning, Zoey and Jo were good and how he can't keep secrets was also funny. I still like Lightning more than him. He's 8th in my rankings. 

Other things

The toxic island thing was okay to me. The animation in this season was my favorite. Many people say that TDAS had the best animation because it was HD. To me this is the best. The episodes were all good except for The Treasure Island Of DR.McLean. I liked how this cast wasn't as gimmicky as the TDPI cast. The season itself was more mature than TDPI and TDAS to me. The only thing that I really disliked about this season was Dakota's mutation. Besides of that, this season was great and it gets an 8.0 from me. It's my fourth favorite season. Now if you excuse me, I need to re-watch TDI and TDA. 

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