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  • TheDipDap1234

    Yes, this will be season 6 not season season 7 or 8. All Stars and Pahkitew were both considered as season 5 of the show, and RR is a different series, so this will be season 6. Wanted to clear this up before someone says i'm wrong.

    We already know that some season 1 characters will compete in the new season. For many seasons these characters wore the exact same outfits, and i've seen some people complain about this. It personally never annoyed me that much, but I can't lie, I wouldn't mind seeing some characters in different outfits. It would be really refreshing to see the characters wear different clothes in some episodes. I think Lindsay is the only one who changed her outfit for one episode, but that's it. I know it's easier to animate…

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  • TheDipDap1234

    According to someone from the Official Total Drama Facebook Page who talked to Christine Thompson about this subject, Christine said...

    "Samey does have a small crush on Topher, because he represents everything she isn't (happy, and he oozes self-confidence), Amy on the other hand, does not like Topher at all."

    The user promised to send me a screenshot of the conversation as a proof. Once he will send it, I will link it here. 

    This is interesting to know. I think many of us wanted to know why Amy said "Topher thinks yo fat" to Samey when they fought with eachother. 

    Now, this is only about Samey. We don't know if Topher likes her, but considering he thinks she's a weirdo... yeah. But Samey having a crush on him is 60% confirmed sadly.  What are…

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  • TheDipDap1234

    First things first, everything you see here is just a Prediction. Nothing has been confirmed yet. All we know about the new season right now is that some season 1 favorites will be back, and that the intro will remain 20 seconds long (ew).

    Heya! DipDap here with another blog! As we all know, our favorite show is getting a new season. A lot of people have been making predictions on here, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, everywhere. So, I think it's time for me to make a prediction as well. Btw, remember when I predicted the Cadets' victory in RR? Yep. I totally called it. ;))

    I highly think the theme of the season will be Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty. This would be the best way to reintroduce some of the season 1 characters if you ask me. A lot of peopl…

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  • TheDipDap1234

    Hey ya'll!

    So, Total Drama is coming back. It's not dead yet, even if we had to wait 2 damn years for the show to get renewed. Production of the show started some days ago, and the only person we know for that sure will be in it is Chris McLean, the host with the most. 

    We know some season 1 characters will be in it, but we don't who, and we don't know if Gen 2 or Gen 3 characters will compete as well. 

    Maybe even RR characters will be in it, tho, I doubt that will happen. 

    So, the topic of this blog is, which character do you want to see in the new season the most and why? You can comment, or, just vote on the poll that can be seen in this blog. 

    Also, remember, McDonalds is delicious. 

    Vote. If you want, i'm not forcing you.

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  • TheDipDap1234

    Holy Smokes, it's been months since I last made a blog. 

    And Holy Smokes, it's been like a year since i last made a Good or Bad blog. For those of you who don't know, in a Good or Bad blog, i'm going to analyze a certain character and how much liked or hated that certain character is. I'm also going to give out my personal opinion on that character. 

    Today, i'm gonna be talking about Courtney 2.0 Stephanie! 

    So, Stephanie's only season so far was TDRR and oh boy was she an experiment. Stephanie started out as another Bridgette, who loves her boyfriend very much. In the first 4 episodes she didn't do much but compliment her boyfriend Ryan, but she did show her bossy personality like when Ryan lost both of their oars in episode 3 and Stephanie gl…

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