Hey, guys. So, this won the voting poll, which switched locations twice yesterday:). Now my QOTD is kind of in limbo, in a way. There was problems with me doing blogs like that every day. So, with help from some other users, it'll now be a "Question of the Week", starting Sunday. I hope that's fine. Man, this is harder than I thought:). Anyway, here we go!

Total Drama Pahkitew Island is, in my opinion, the best season. I always wondered why. I mean, people think it's a good season, but they say Island and World Tour are the best, most of the time. I think it's for 3 reasons: 

1) it's a relatively short season.

2) its contestants are unlike any other characters in a higher degree than Revenge of the Island.

3) it came after All-Stars.

Now, let me explain. For reason 1, it may sound weird. I mean, All-Stars was just as short, but it wasn't that well received by critics and fans alike. However, All-Stars dealt with 2 generations of characters within 13 episodes, with these characters having set personalities and storylines from previous seasons. With such a short time to tie these two generations together, it didn't create a neat knot. Rather, it created a knot that was so sloppy, it was like a 6-year old was trying to tie his shoe for the first time. However, with Pahkitew Island, it dealt with characters that needed to be developed that season. They had a clean slate, and did a wonderful job with it. Now, you might be saying that Revenge of the Island also only had 13 episodes and a new cast to develope. However, I felt that season didn't do as well as Pahkitew Island. This leads to reason 2.

To me, ROTI had great characters and storylines, but also had quite a bit of boring characters that sort of weighed down this season from being fantastic. I think the reason some of the characters were kind of bland was because they weren't that different from previous seasons. However, in Pahkitew Island, they had unique characters, especially Max, Ella, Scarlett (at the end), Sugar, and Shawn. This helped make this season great. 

And the last reason I think it was so good was because it came after All-Stars. With All-Stars disappointing a number of viewers (including myself), Pahkitew Island was like a breath of fresh ir for the series, and a sigh of relief for the fans. It showed that Fresh TV still had quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

Thank you for reading tell me in the comments what you think. Bye:)!


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