Hi. This is my first time writing on this site, so I'm a little nervous. I really hope you guys enjoy and tell me if you agree or disagree.

Before Total Drama Pahkitew Island, I never really got caught up in couples in the show. There were some I enjoyed (like Gwuncan*, Zoke and, the least approved couple in TD history, Scott and Courtney. I really did enjoy them.*2), but couldn't get into it as much as other fans. However, when I watched Pahkitew Island and saw Dave trying to flirt with Sky, Sky trying to control her feelings about Dave, and both of them wanting different things (Sky wanting to win, Dave wanting...well, Sky), I instantly found the couple that is my favorite. 

I'm the type of guy who likes the underdog story. You know the one, with the guy strugging and trying to get the girl of his dreams. Dave has to deal with people who annoy him and tries to get Sky to like him. However, in most underdog stories, the guy triumphes over his struggles and gets the girl. Obviously,  that did not happen to Dave. He went from being "the normal guy" to becoming insane, losing the girl of his dreams and the friends around him. And, to add insult to injury, got his hair burned off and was left alone on Pahkitew Island with Scuba Bear 3.0. With all of this happening to him, it seems like Dave's more of an underdog than before. I've never heard of an underdog story with things getting worse rather than better. I like this, because it opens up more opprotunities for Dave and Sky, and maybe even other characters. 

There are many other reasons I like this couple. I thought the flirting was cute, I liked Dave and Sky as characters, and I really wanted them to get together. However, I do think there's a chance they won't get together. But that's the beauty of this storyline. They can get together, not get together, just become friends, get other crushes, and other solutions. 

Now, personally, I want them to work out their problems and get together in the next season. Fresh TV hasn't planned out anything for season 6, so anything's possible. I've found many awesome solutions to this storyline, and there being so many ways to conclude it shows how great this storyline is.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this. I don't really have a plan for what I'm going to post next, but I promise it'll be posted very soon. Tell me what you guys think about this and if you guys agree or disagree. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you fellow Total Drama fans have a nice day.

  • I think that's what Gwen and Duncan are called...
  •  I probably talk about that in a later post,if you want...

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