Hey guys. Even though The Ridonculous Race is the main focus of this wiki, I want to go back to the original Total Drama. So, I'm going to talk about Lightning, who is surprisingly a complicated character. 

The character Lightning from Revenge of the Island and All-Stars has had a mixed reception. Some people think his tough brovado and competitive personality are hilarious and entertaining,  while others think his loud and annoying bragging ruined the character. Personally, he was one of my favorite characters in ROTI, but he did annoy me at times. People think he didn't deserve to go as far as he did in ROTI, as he didn't have as deep of a storyline then the others. However, if you really observe his character, he still isn't as deep as the others, but he is very complicated. 

In ROTI, he started out as you expected a stereotypical jock would. He was loud, annoying, and bragged about himself. However, in the first episode, Lightning is seen telling a joke and elbowing Sam jokingly, who both share a laugh. Now, in later episodes, he never really communicates with Sam, and when he does he is talking about how "useless" Sam is. Also, in a later episode, when Lightning and Jo think they're going to die, Jo says she hoped she had kissed a boy before she dies. Lightning, thinking throughout the entire season that Jo is a boy, looks surprised but tells her, "it's cool. Lightning don't judge". Now, this isn't for every jock, but most are not very accepting of things like that. Throughout the show, Lightning is someone who thinks anyone who isn't like himself are not as good as him. He is very self-absorbed, but seems both very accepting of other people and not very accepting. His personality is giving me a headache.

It gets even more complicated. In the second to last episode of ROTI, Lightning picks Cameron over Zoey to compete in the finale. Everyone knew that Zoey was the better competitor than Cameron, so it's weird that Lightning would take the easy way out. He usually enjoys the struggle of competition. Cameron did turn out to become  a fierce competitor, but Lightning didn't know that. Then, in the 2nd episode of All-Stars, when the Villianous Vultures get shovels thrown at them, Lightning catches a shovel that was about to hit Gwen and hands it to her. Then, literally a second later, Lightning refuses to hand Heather a shovel. What?

Honestly, I wouldn't call Lightning complex. Rather, he is inconistent. He goes from kind to judgemental, competitive to lazy, etc. However, I still really like this character. Tell me what you thought about this blog and what you think of Lightning as a character. 

Thanks for reading. 

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