Hey, guys. I'm so happy with the responses for my first blog post! You guys told me good reasons why you like or dislike the Dave/Sky relationship, and I respect your opinions. Now, I'm going to talk about another couple that people have mixed feelings about: Scott and Courtney! 

When I watched Revenge of the Island, Scott became one of my favorite characters and maybe one of the best villians on the show. Before All-Stars, I wondered who Scott would hook up with, and Courtney never passed my mind. I never really cared for Coutney. She kind of annoyed me, and she never really left a good impression on me. However, when I watched All-Stars, the Scott and Courtney storyline was one of the high points of the season (how little there were).

Don't get me wrong, its not perfect. Not by a long shot. It's incredibly forced, and it only stck for a few episodes (with just one episode of them actually going out!). But it does make sense, in a way. As Courtney was attracted to Duncan, she likes the boy that's the opposite of her. Courtney is careful, a bit uptight, and a follower of the rules; while Duncan is care-free, rebellious, and a rule-breaker. Now, Courtney, who is very organized and formal, is attracted to Scott, who is dirty and sloppy. However, they do have one thing in common: they are very ruthless when playing the game.

With all that aside, do I think they'll become a couple? Absolutely not. I highly doubt that they will. But that doesn't mean that they're a bad couple. Maybe, if the events leading up to it were a little different, it could work. But I really don't see them getting together in future seasons.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Tell me what you guys think of Scott and Courtney. I really like hearing your opinions on things like this. Thanks for reading!

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