Hi, guys.  Thank you guys so much for voting for what you guys want to see! The "Hopes for Total Drama Season 6" blog beat the "Couples that should be things, but are not" blog 6 votes to 2. Again, don't worry if your choice lost. I'm still going to do it, just at a different time. Anyways, let's do it!

My biggest hope for Total Drama Season 6 is for it to have new contestants and returning contestants. However, there are some characters that I really don't want to return. Some of them may make some of you mad, but this is just my opinion. With that said, here is my list of contestants I REALLY don't want to see in the next season:

1. Mike- after All-Stars, his storyline is officially over. Using him again would be overkill. Also, Mike would be really boring without his MPD (and I never even liked his personalities! But that's for another blog post). 

2. Zoey- insert Mike's reason here.  Well, except without the MPD. 

3. Sierra- this is if she came back by herself. However, if Cody also returns, that would be a BIG maybe. Their shtick is pretty old by now.

4. Sam- don't get me wrong. I really like this character, but he didn't deserve to be in All-Stars. Now he's just a walking punching bag. If his sole purpose now is to be the subject of painful slapstick, I don't want him to come back.

5. Harold- I liked him in Island and Action, but his Napoleon Dynamite-esqe awkwardness started to wear thin by World Tour. 

6. Ezekiel- he will never compete again, but I don't want to see him again. His crazy shtick is wearing thin very quick.

7.Ann-Maria- she is too annoying for me. Also, her type of character (the obnoxious and greedy type) should be able to do as a villian or something like that. But her character isn't evil, unfortunately. 

8. Beardo or B- either one, take your pick. I actually liked both of these characters,but they're too similar to be in the same season. So, if I had to chose, I'd want Beardo to return.

9. Cameron- he could have a future on the show, but I don't want to see him again if he's expected to still want a "friendship finale". And a Gwen-Cameron relationship would be stupid.

Well, that's it for the characters I don't want to see. In part 2, I'll tell you the characters I really want to see. I don't know if part 2 will be my next blog post or not, but it will be up soon. Anyway, thanks for reading! Tell me in the comments what you think of my list and who you don't want to see next season. Again, thanks!

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