Hey guys. So, we are in the midst of Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race: Season 1. So far, a lot of people seem to like it, including myself. Even though Fresh TV said that more Ridonculous Race seasons will be created if the 1st season is popular, the next project that they're going to start on is probably the 6th season of Total Drama (hopefully). Fresh TV has said they don't really have plans for it, but they have said anything can happen. The 6th season could have all-new contestants. It could have a returning cast. It could have both new and returning contestants. So, is it possible that Ridonculous Race contestants could compete in Total Drama Season 6?

Of course, nothing is planned yet. However, let's imagine if RR contestants competed. Would something like that work? How would RR characters develop in a TD-style story structure instead of a RR one? Both types of story structure are great, but characters in RR would have to develop differently if they went to TD. For example, let's say Jay and Mickey compete in season 6. They couldn't really rely on each other like in RR, because they're competing against each other(even if they're on the same team, they would soon have to compete opposite each other). This could open up new opprotunities for characters like Jay and Mickey, but there are some characters that already have existing storlines that shouldnt be tampered with. Also, even though this is obvious, some of the contestants from RR are too old.

We've seen in RR that characters from TD can work really well in the RR story format (Owen, Noah, and Geoff). Can it work the other way around? Tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading

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