Hey guys. On the voting poll, this blog and "The Complexity of Lightning" were tied. So, I decided to do this one first and then do the Lightning one next.

So, in every season of Total Drama, there are always relationships, friends, and enemies. Those are the 3 support pillars that hold a season together(if done correctly). Now, my hope for next season will be a good love triangle. The ones in Revenge of the Island, All-Stars, and Pahkitew Island were basically nonexistent. For example, in Pahkitew Island there was the Dave/Sky/Ella love triangle. That didn't even count. It was more like a running gag more than anything. I would like to see a strong love triangle that would have stakes, fights, romance, and cuteness (I enjoy a cute relationship:)). It would be really cool if it involved new and returning contestants, if there are returning contestants next season.

For next season, I want to have a villian that would make Heather and Scott look like amateurs. Sure, I did enjoy Scarlette's weird (but effective) use of evil, but that seemed like an experiment to see what type of villian can come back in future seasons. In season 6, Fresh TV should stick to their guns and have a back-stabbing, seducing, nasty villian that would cause havoc to the other contestants. And I hope it's a new villian, because Heather, Alejandro, and Scott need to rest and get back into the swing of things, and then come back to their original villanous selves.

When it comes to friendship, there isn't really much to say. All I want is there to not be another pursuit of a Friendship Finale. The Mike/Zoey/Cameron friendship was sweet, but very annoying. I just want the contestants to have allies that will help them through the game. However, it would be cool to see contesants have special bonds and stuff like that.

Tell me what you guys think about this in the comments. Thanks for reading:).

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