Hey, guys. Here is my second part of a probably very long series about my expectations for season 6. But, before I get into that, there's something I'd like to say. Many people were confused about my last post, and for good reason:). I was trying to think of something that would be funny about the uncertainty of the release for The Ridonculous Race. Unfortunately, it didn't really make sense. Ha:). I'm very sorry. I'm an aspiring writer and I'm still kind of new at this. I really like to entertain people, and I'm trying to get these posts to be as entertaining as possible. I'm going to try to get better at this, I promise:).

Anyways, here are the contestants that I really want to see next season. There are contestants I wouldn't mind seeing again, but this a list of contestants that I feel HAVE to return:

1. Dave- if you've seen my first post, you know how much I like the Dave-Sky storyline. With its many possibilities, Dave could return with a resentment towards Sky, he could come back still in love with Sky, he could return and get another crush, he could become a new Ezekiel (dear God, I hope not), and so many other possibilities.

2. Sky- again, like Dave, there are many possibilities with her relationship with Dave and without Dave. She is a very interesting character. 

3. Brick- possibly the most likable character in Revenge of the Island, it baffled me when he wasn't in All-Stars. Now, I don't really see the possibility of a big storyline involving him, but it could be entertaining to see him again.

4. Lightning- I really liked this character, even though he was pretty annoying. What I think would be awesome is if him and Sky developed a rivalry, because they're both athletic and competitive. That's the only way I see Lightning not being eliminated in the first episode.

5. Duncan- and, when I say Duncan, I mean revamped Duncan. No All-Stars Duncan, no World Tour Duncan, I mean the original and fierce competitor Duncan. If he gets back together with either Gwen or Courtney, that'd be cool.

6. Ella- she could have some kind of storyline or relationship with someone. I just like this character.

7. Topher- there is some untapped potential with this character.I'm not sure what, but I just feel like he should come back. However, he shouldn't try to take Chris's job again.

8. Scott- even after All-Stars, Scott's still a fun character. Anything could happen with this character. I just hope the abuse sort of settles down, because All-Stars was brutal to Scott.

9. Max- this was the funniest character on Pahkitew Island for me. He would probably just be fodder, but he would still provide some laughs.

10. Samey- this character has SO much potential! I hated the way her storyline ended on Pahkitew Island. She needs to actually stick up for herself, not drop to the same level as Amy.

11. Amy- if Samey is brought back, you have to bring back Amy.

Sorry that it's mostly Pahkitew Island characters. They just have newer stories to tell. Thanks for reading, and tell me what you thought of this in the comments.

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