The new episode "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Courtney" aired about an hour ago, and I actually liked it!  I loved it how Courtney did so much to try and get Beth on her side, like fighting those huge poisonous fish (LOL).  Also, I loved it how the show had robot fights in it!  So random!  Haha! At first, I thought Duncan & Harold were FINALLY getting along, but Duncan just HAD to pull that "freight train" crack about Leshawna, causing Harold to not only knock down Duncan's tea glass, but PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!!!!!! Guess they'll always remain enemies, huh? (<<<<pardon me for using that twice.)  I can't wait for the next episode!  Maybe Duncan will get his revenge....?  Maybe Courtney's alliance will take over...? (I doubt it.)  Talk to meh, peeps!  I wanna know what you guys thought about the episode too! :) --ThatRandomChick 03:17, November 6, 2009 (UTC) thumb|300px|right|The first 5 minutes of the new ep. Sub to MusicSunset to get the other parts! :D

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