• ThatRandomChick

    A TIE??? XD

    December 4, 2009 by ThatRandomChick

    Well, the new episode just finished airing, and boy let me tell you, it. was. AWESOME!!!  If you didn't catch the episode, go over to the episode's page and check it out!  If the full summary isn't up yet, check out the mini-summary i put on the talk page.  I will admit that I already knew how the outcome was going to be, thanks to spoilers, but I'm still shocked!  My vote is, duh: DUNCAN!!!  He's been my favorite character since TDI and I really want him to win.  However, I wouldn't mind Beth winning either.  She was such a sweetheart, she deserves it.  From here until the next episode, I am not going to read ANY SPOILERS.  That way, the winner will FINALLY be a surprise for me.

    What did YOU think of the episode?  Talk to …

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  • ThatRandomChick

    Top Dog :)

    November 19, 2009 by ThatRandomChick

    Okay, so apparently, from a few spoilers, the castmates are gonna be dropped off in the middle of a forest, and they must use their animal instincts (if they have any) to find their way out.  Also, they'll have to train animals to act like them.  Then, in the end, Courtney's demands for Duncan will be too much for him, and he'll have to vote her off.  Now THIS is gonna be a good episode!  This kinda reminds me of the "Are We There Yeti?" ep. from TDI.  Also, i'm glad to finally (hopefully) see some DXC action.  I've been waiting too long, and they need to just KISS already! Thoughts? :)

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  • ThatRandomChick

    The new episode "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Courtney" aired about an hour ago, and I actually liked it!  I loved it how Courtney did so much to try and get Beth on her side, like fighting those huge poisonous fish (LOL).  Also, I loved it how the show had robot fights in it!  So random!  Haha! At first, I thought Duncan & Harold were FINALLY getting along, but Duncan just HAD to pull that "freight train" crack about Leshawna, causing Harold to not only knock down Duncan's tea glass, but PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!!!!!! Guess they'll always remain enemies, huh? (<<<<pardon me for using that twice.)  I can't wait for the next episode!  Maybe Duncan will get his revenge....?  Maybe Courtney's alliance will take over...? (I doubt it.)  Talk to meh, pe…

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  • ThatRandomChick



    i CANNOT WAIT for tomoro's episode!

    i LOVE kung-fu fighting!

    and i KNOW that courtney and duncan will end up fighting in those robot costumes...

    ...resulting in him getting hit in the nuts...AGAIN. haha.

    but i'm glad that no one will be going home this episode.

    it just won't be the same without lindsay tho.... :(

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