My second (and more informed) prediction for the results of Total Drama All-Stars. In this version, the teams compete against each other in challenges from past episodes. The losing team takes a vote, and the two competitors with the most votes against them compete in a one-on-one version of a previous-season challenge, the loser being eliminated.


















Elimination Order:

14.) Cameron - The Heroes lose the challenge, which is the outdoor/camping survival challenge from "Up The Creek". As usual, the first challenge is physical, making the paired up Cameron and Sam the weak links. The two are sent into the elimination challenge: The disaster movie obstacle course from "Masters of Disasters". Sam wins.

13.) Sam - The Villains win once again, and Sam indirectly causes it. Sierra constantly complains about Cody not being in this season, and so she is sent with Sam into the elimination challenge, which she wins.

12.) Jo - In a repeat of the "capture the flag" challenge from "Full Metal Drama", the Heroes 5 members work together well enough to finally win. Lightning forms an alliance with Duncan and Heather, and vote Alejandro into the elimination for being a threat. To save himself, he convinces Scott and Jo to vote out each other. He learns Courtney plans to vote for Jo, and does the same, eliminating her in the statue reassembling challenge from "Can't Help Falling In Louvre."

11.) Alejandro - After Courtney 'heroicly' tried to win Duncan back and Gwen 'evily' forced them a part (in "Saving Private Leechball), Chris has them swap teams. Courtney proves to be a stronger player then Gwen, and when Alejandro ruins the food prepared for the challenge from "If You Can't Take the Heat...", the Villains send him to the elimination challenge. His vote is the only other one, sending Duncan in with him. Duncan wins the challenge to capture "Jack the Ripper" (Brick) and eliminates Alejandro.

10.) Scott - The heroes continue their winning streak with the dodgeball challenge from "Dodgebrawl" due to Scott constantly failing. The villains send him into the elimination challenge. His one vote sends in Lightning. In a one-on-one version of the "Paintball Deer Hunt" challenge, Lightning eliminates Scott.

9.) Lindsay - The four villains are able to break their losing streak in the "Grand Chef Auto" challenge. Courtney and Zoey form  rivalry, while Courtney, Lindsay, and Sierra attempt to form an alliance. However, Lindsay accidentally votes for herself, sending her (L, M, + Z's votes) and Zoey (S + C's votes) to the moose-riding "X-Treme Torture" elimination challenge, whihc Zoey wins.

8.) Gwen - The heroes win the challenge from "Riot On Set". Heather becomes attracted to Duncan, and votes out Gwen to make him forget her. Lightning and Duncan vote her out as she is not in the alliance. Her vote send Heather with her to the elimination challenge. The challenge is the totem pole challenge from "Wawanakwa Gone Wild" but with this season's contestants. Heather wins, with (illegal [but ignored by Chris]) assisstance from Lightning and Duncan.

  • MERGER! Immunity can be revoked if the majority (3 out of 5, 4 out of seven, etc.) of the contestants vote for the contestant who has immunity

7.) Heather - Lightning wins immunity in the challenge from "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste". The alliance votes Courtney into the challenge, while her and Zoey put their differences aside, and vote with Mike and Sierra to send in Heather. Courtney wins the bomb defusing challenge from "Dial M for Merger" and eliminates Heather.

7 1/2.) Mike - (Though to be 6th) Guys vs. Girls in the boat challenge from "Newf Kids on the Rock". The guys win, and their elected captain (Duncan) gets to send one person into the elimination challenge (after the vote). The other contestants vote in Zoey, and Duncan chooses Mike, knowing which ever one wins will be off their game in the next challenge. Mike allows Zoey to win the relay from "Newf Kids on the Rock" and is eliminated.

6.) Duncan - In the beginning of the episode, Chris reveals the producers have decided to eliminate Duncan for having won Total Drama Action, and bring back Mike to replace him.

5.) Courtney - Chef, disguised as the killer from "Hook, Line, an Screamer" chases the contestants through the obstacle course from "Truth or Laser Shark". Courtny wins invincibility, but Mike, Zoey, and Lightning vote for her, revoking her immunity. She votes for Zoey, and Sierra votes for Lightning. Because there is a tie for second-most votes, Courtney's most votes is eliminated without an elimination challenge, which Chris reveals would've been the canceled mammoth hunting chalenge from "One Million Bucks, B.C.".

4.) Lightning - Zoey wins the Hide and Seek chalenge from "Search and Do Not Destroy", and gets to decide the elimination challenge. When Mike and Lightning are voted into the chllenge, she chooses the scavenger hunt from "Finders Creepers". Mike turns into Manitoba Smith (by choice) and wins the challenge, eliminating Lightning.

3.) Mike - Sierra wins treasure hunt race from "Mutiny on the Soundstage" and gets to choose the elimination challenge for Mike and Zoey. She chooses the dinosaur creating challenge from "Awwwwww, Drumheller", which Zoey wins.

  • The Finale combines the final challenge of each season: Retrieveing a flag from a flag pole oer shark infested waters ("The Very Last Episode, Really!"), creating a dummy ("Hawaiian Punch") from a junkpile ("Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown") to throw into the waters ("The Very Last Episode, Really!" / "Hawaiian Punch") while answering questions for the eliminated contestants ("The Aftermath: IV").

2.) Sierra - Earns the 15 points for the main challenge, and 5 for answering questions, with a final score of 20.

1.) Zoey - Earns the 15 points for the main challenge, and 6 for answering questions, with a final score of 21 points.

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