My first idea/prediction for Total Drama All Stars. At the time I made this, I was very uninformed about RotI, only taking the time to learn the personalities and relationships of the characters returning for AS. This prediction was made before information about the rumored team swap was released.


After teams are formed, they are assigned captains: Cameron-The only hero to win a previous season-and Duncan-the first villain to win a previous season.


Cameron - Captain








Duncan - Captain







Elimination Order:

  • 14th: Jo - Duncan, Courtney, and Lightning form an alliance, and vote off Jo because she was complaining about not being captain.
  • 13th: Sam - Indirectly causes the heroes to lose, so Mike, Zoey, Gwen, and Lindsay vote him off.
  • 12th: Cameron - Gwen allies with Sierra, Mike, and Zoey to vote him off, since he has already won a season.
  • 11/10th: Heather/Duncan - The villains are forced to vote off two contestants, and vote off Heather and Duncan, who had previously won a season.
  • 9th: Mike - Scott allies with Courtney, Lightning, and Gwen, and has Gwen change the votes (cheating like Harold did to Courtney in TDI) to eliminate Mike.
  • 8th: Alejandro - Scott, Courtney, and Lightning vote him off because he's the only villain not in their alliance.
  • 7th: Gwen - Teams merged. S-C-L alliance betrays her, and Zoey votes with them because she "voted" Mike off.
  • 6th: Lightning - Scott and Courtney convince Lindsay and Sierra to vote him off when he betrays them to Zoey.
  • 6 1/2: Sierra - Eliminated for losing the challenge.
  • Mike is brought back due to his unfair elimination.
  • 5th Lindsay - Scott wins the chance to send 2 people into an elimination challenge, and send Lindsay and Mike. Mike wins.
  • 4th: Scott - Courtney realizes he has been using her, and teams up with Zoey and Mike to eliminate him.
  • 3rd: Mike - Courtney wins immunity, and he votes himself off to let Zoey go to the finale.
  • The Finale is a race across the competition site, with five flags planted at certain areas (red for Courtney, blue for Zoey). Who ever crosses the line with more flags wins, and first if they have the same flag #.
  • 2nd: Courtney - Only collects four flags in the Grand Finale Race.
  • 1st: Zoey - Collects all five flags and beats Courtney in the Grand Finale Race.

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