I went to the "cake" website recently. I found tons of photos of what Total Drama Revenge of the Island would probably look like. I found an interesting photo. I found it quite cute, too. But I was also judging it...

NOTE: I can't really upload it here. So, I'll just give you the link :3 . The second one from the top, guys. I find that Mike and Zoey might be a relationship.

I'm just sharing a thought. Not a real thing. But from Mike's face, he looks like he might be attracted to Zoey. Zoey looks a little devious like Heather, though. I think Zoey might use Mike though. However, Mike looks like Cody a little bit. So I think he might be obsessed over Zoey. Almost like Cody with his obsession with girls.

This is MY thought though. You can share yours in the comments! Go ahead. No one's stopping you...

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