Here is the guys version of my TDI personality quiz. Requested by BarBar.

1. You are in a challenge where you have to eat disgusting food. Which of these you can NOT eat?

a. Snake Tongue

b. Mold Pizza

c. Snot Broccoli


2. You've recently met this hot chick. What's the first thing you'd show off?

a. My Junk (ZING!)

b. My Instruments

c. My Awesome Tattoo

d. My Pet

3. Night time... what do you do to make yourself fall asleep?

a. Play With My Piercings

b. Strum Myself A Lullaby

c. Think About the Upcoming Party

d. Play With My Rabbit

4. You're in the zombie apocalypse. What do you do?

a. Blast The Zombies' Heads Off!

b. Hide and Think About the Number 9

c. Kill Them All Like a Video Game

d. Hide and Cry

5. You met your friend's insanely hot sister. What's your pick-up line?

a. " You Can Play With My Knives, If You'd Like"

b. " You Look Like You Can Strum My Strings Really Good"

c. " Let's Party Hard Together"

d. " Momma Says I Can't Talk to Girls, But You're Not a Girl. You're My Lady"

Mostly A's- You're Duncan! You're slick and smooth. You can woo the ladies well. But you're also slimy. With your sureness and arrogance, it's a blessing at times but it's also a curse. But you're also a cool boyfriend to have.

Mostly B's- You're Trent! You're so sweet and is very creative. You'd do anything for a girl. Apparently,you get too carried away at times. Especially for a girl. You're not going to be Bruno Mars all the time, you know that? But voice can make things change... in the good way.

Mostly C's- You're Geoff! You're wild, daring, and a party-animal. You will try almost everything that can make history. Sadly, most of them fail. But with your spirit and youth, it cheers lots of people that you're still who you are. And that's good.

Mostly D's- You're DJ! Sensitive and delicate, you're everyone's friend. You're popular and nice. You cherish every moment of the day. But you could be a little too sweet, that you could be clumsy and careless. You're goofy like that, and your friends love that about you.

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