You're about to take the quiz of which TDI character you're bound to be! This is mostly for girls. I'll make a guys version in a couple of minutes. Take it now!

1. You're about to get booted off the show. What are you're last words?

a. " Nuh-uh. I want a recount!"

b. " Whatever."

c. " No! I want my money!"

d. " You guys totally voted off the best camper yet! "

2. What is your strategy?

a. Acting

b. Mixed Moods

c. My Ninja Skills

d. The Looks

3. You really regret signing up for camp. What's your plan to escape?

a. Swimming

b. A Raft

c. A Jungle Vine

d. Climbing

4. Why did you take this quiz?

a. I'm Bored

b. For My Blog

c. Just 'Cause

d. To Impress My Friends On Who I Get

Mostly A's- You are Leshawna! You might make people angry, but you have the voice to curse them out. People love you in every way because of who you are. Your voice is the key to a guy's heart.

Mostly B's- You are Gwen! Your creativity is very special and so is your mysteriousness. Your grouchiness might make effect to what people think of you, but you won't take that for an answer.

Mostly C's- You are Izzy! Your an extreme daredevil and feed on adventure! Your craziness might be a big overload, but people still follow what you do, and that's mst important.

Mostly D's- You are Heather. Your strategic ways will take you places. You're smart, cool, and competitive. But you might go a little mean at times. You handle it most of the time. But you like to express yourself no matter what.

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