When I first came to this wiki I have to say I was quite shock by a few things. First of all was how simply massive this site is and the size of the articles, and while I'm sure that suits the regulars to this site just fine I feel this site does no cater to the masses. These articles hold such a large amount of information based on so little, the series has had two complete seasons and these pages are absolutley massive. These pages are somthing your average person would not really care to read, there is simply too much, people can not take in all of it. There is something my Judo teacher told me once called the "Law of Diminishing Return", it states there is only so much a person can take in before they will not take in anymore, so even if someone reads these articles they will not take in all the information. These articles and triva sections are so big, and the important information is mixed in with so much unimportant and unnecessary information most people will be unable to take in the information that matters. A second thing that shocked me about this site is the treatment of people who don't agree with the majority of the users of this site. One person who I noticed seemed to be singled out alot was SGW66, and I know he seemed brazen at times and maybe even rude at times but when he openly critized this site everyone seemed to jump on him. But what most people forget is he never hurt anyone or the site, and never directly insulted anyone. He was accused of trying to start fights, but from what I've seen people took offense to his criticisms and everyone attacked him and went so far as to attempt to write raps and poems about him (which was rather immature of those users). So in my opinion some of the people here need relax and not get so flustered over what other people say, and most if not all of these articles (if not the articles as least the triva sections) should be condensed and shortened so more people will be able take in the information provided. This is supposed to be an encyclopedia of information for everyone to take knowlegede from,and we should try to make it one.