So it was like approximately exactly a year ago that when I ever heard the words, "Total Drama Wiki," I simply thought of Wikipedia. I dun'd know what in the world a "wiki" was. Then on my birthday(my real-life one), I was stolling on Google about Total Drama and I ended up clicking something that started with totaldramaisland.wi... The page I was sent to was a page called Best. Game. Ever. I had never seen a page with so much info. I was like "this is wayy better than Wikipedia's crummy discriptions!" And then I looked up Gwen and Izzy in the search bar thingamajig, and I was astounded to see an entire page all about Gwen. Like, zo mah goodness, Wikipedia has only three paragraphs! XD

So after that, I continued to look at episode pages and minor character pages and relationship and conflict pages. Afterwards, in August I discovered talk pages. And I learned that Austrailia was airing all the TDWT episodes early. And I checked talk pages daily, just to find the Megavideo links. It was such a great August. A month later, I made an account. :) And it such a great year since finding this wiki. XD So yeah, happy birthday to moi! :D

--"Look, Wings!" ♥Yes, Gwen, wings are way more important. 18:02, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

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