May 30, 2011

Out of boredness, I decided to create two games where basically you guys dare each other.

The rules are simple. You can dare another user to do something, and that user has to complete the dare before they can dare you. If you refuse to do a dare, than you are out. No marshmallows, no whatevers, you are out. One will be left standing.

As for the dares:

  • They must be appropiate. I think that is pretty straight foward.
  • The dares must be actually do-able and nawt dangerous.
    • What nawt to give: "I dare Musou to bungee-jump off of the Eiffel Tower" or "Silver, I dare you to eat seven hula hoops."
  • The dares must be age appropriate.
    • What nawt to give: "I dare you to read this entire M-rated fanfic,"
      • But, if the user is capable of reading that, then it is ok.
  • Good dares are:
  • There is almost no way one can tell if you have completed the dare or nawt, so we can all trust that you tell the truth, right?
  • The dares must be time-appropiate.
    • What nawt to give: "I dare Ryan to drink a glass of Pop-Rocks soda every day for five-and-half months."
      • A two week-long dare or less is the limit.
  • Do nawt give more than one dare to the same user at a time.
  • Oh yeah, anyone can dare. It's the players that complete them. (TNW...forget it) The players should dare too, as said above.

Have fun!


Sign-ups are close-ed.

  1. Numbuhthreefan
  2. Gary the Gaget Dude
  3. Owenandheatherfan
  4. Musou
  5. Silverspark739
  6. BarBar
  7. TdiAlex
  8. BrunoMartinkovitsch
  9. Bridgette dj10
  10. Jaxswim
  11. Bridgettebarf703
  12. Izzyfan
  13. TDIFan13
  14. Dakotacoons


  • Silver has a dare.
  • Silver completed a dare.

-Look, Wings!Yes Gwen, wings are way more important than the talk you are having now. 10:12, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

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