Hi guys! Anyway, if you currently have exactly 356 total edits, soon to become 357 if you comment, congrats on reaching 356 edits! :)

If you have 567,606 edits, congradulations!

If you have 12,558 edits, celebrate for making your 12,559th one!

if you have anything in the 100's or 200's range, like 204, these are your best days ever 'cuz your gonna make a 205th.

If you have 10 edits, congrats on reaching that!!

Same if you have 5! Or 1! Whatever amount of edits you have, you reached a new milestone on this Wikia, and made it look a little bit better than before that edit!

'Xcuse me while I celebrate my 1,000th one, which is going to become 1,001.

--Look, Wings!Yes Gwen, wings are way more important than the talk you are having now. 01:54, December 29, 2010 (UTC)

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