• TeamMu

    TD: Hangman

    November 6, 2011 by TeamMu

    Hello! Let's play a game we all know called Hangman. Basically it would go like this:

    User 1: _ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _ _

    User 2: C?

    User 1: C_ _ _ _ | _ C _ _ _ _

    User 3: s?

    User 1: C_ _ _ S | _ C _ _ _ _

    User 4: Chris McLean?

    User 5: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    User 2: O?

    User 5: _O_ _ _ _ _ _

    And so on. Good luck! :)

    _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

    --"Look, Wings!" ♥Yes, Gwen, wings are way more important. 19:59, November 6, 2011 (UTC)

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  • TeamMu

    Mah Belated Wiki-versary :)

    September 5, 2011 by TeamMu

    Wow... I totally forgot that September 4th, 2010 was when I joined this wiki! Now that I did

    Oh mah goodness I've been on this wiki for a year! XDDDDDDD And one day. yesyesyesyesyesyes!

    Seriously, this is like so awesome. Thank you guys for never ever getting boring and just, well, all the fun things that has happened here.

    I am way too lazy to make a list of people who I'd like to thank, so I'm just going to say that if I've talked to you or you've talked to me, or if you are a nice user on the wiki, then you're on the list. Kaysies?

    Night. :)

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  • TeamMu

    Two Words: Birth-day

    July 26, 2011 by TeamMu

    So it was like approximately exactly a year ago that when I ever heard the words, "Total Drama Wiki," I simply thought of Wikipedia. I dun'd know what in the world a "wiki" was. Then on my birthday(my real-life one), I was stolling on Google about Total Drama and I ended up clicking something that started with totaldramaisland.wi... The page I was sent to was a page called Best. Game. Ever. I had never seen a page with so much info. I was like "this is wayy better than Wikipedia's crummy discriptions!" And then I looked up Gwen and Izzy in the search bar thingamajig, and I was astounded to see an entire page all about Gwen. Like, zo mah goodness, Wikipedia has only three paragraphs! XD

    So after that, I continued to look at episode pages and m…

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  • TeamMu

    Super Dare: "The Game"

    May 30, 2011 by TeamMu

    May 30, 2011

    Out of boredness, I decided to create two games where basically you guys dare each other.

    The rules are simple. You can dare another user to do something, and that user has to complete the dare before they can dare you. If you refuse to do a dare, than you are out. No marshmallows, no whatevers, you are out. One will be left standing.

    As for the dares:

    • They must be appropiate. I think that is pretty straight foward.
    • The dares must be actually do-able and nawt dangerous.
      • What nawt to give: "I dare Musou to bungee-jump off of the Eiffel Tower" or "Silver, I dare you to eat seven hula hoops."
    • The dares must be age appropriate.
      • What nawt to give: "I dare you to read this entire M-rated fanfic,"
        • But, if the user is capable of reading that, …
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  • TeamMu

    This is nawt bandwagon! Click here for a real bandwagon:

    This isn't a playlist. These are just songs I happen to like somewhat.

    Read the others. I think you should get it.

    And no cheating WHAT-SO-EVER!

    1. Wouldn't wanna be anybody else...
    2. 7a.m., waking up in the morning...
    3. Maybe if I act like that, the guy will call me back...
    4. I found a picture of my mother in her bell-bottom jeans.
    5. Today I don't feel like doing anything...
    6. Don't like waiting, don't like waiting, let's go right now...
    7. I can't sleep, I keep you up all night
    8. County road 233, under my feet...
    9. From the early days, I saw your face boy...
    10. Right, right, turn off the lights...
    11. Oh, oh, oh it's magic...
    12. I've got the magic in me...

    Easy Ones

    1. 2 was answered by…

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