Hello everyone!

Since Berryleaf made a blog about Zoey being a bad character or just poorly written near the end of 2015, i decided to do a similar blog for Mike.

So yeah, grab a drink and enjoy the blog.

Back when Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island debuted in 2012, Mike received a lot of fans and a very huge fanbase. A lot of fans liked him because of his multiple personalities and because of his relationship with Zoey.

But then Total Drama All-Stars aired, and he lost a lot fans due to the fact that he self-hurted himself, the reset button situation, and beacuse of Mal being an awful villain. While Mike lost a lot of fans, he still has fans who believe that it's the writers fault that they put the self-hurting scene and the reset button. 

So yeah, do you think that he's a bad character or just poorly written? Do you think that he should be brought back in order to fix the reset button thing and  maybe even the self-hurting thing? (Stryzzar even made a blog post about it.)


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