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  • Tdwwebbtfan

    Hello everyone!

    Since Berryleaf made a blog about Zoey being a bad character or just poorly written near the end of 2015, i decided to do a similar blog for Mike.

    So yeah, grab a drink and enjoy the blog.

    Back when Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island debuted in 2012, Mike received a lot of fans and a very huge fanbase. A lot of fans liked him because of his multiple personalities and because of his relationship with Zoey.

    But then Total Drama All-Stars aired, and he lost a lot fans due to the fact that he self-hurted himself, the reset button situation, and beacuse of Mal being an awful villain. While Mike lost a lot of fans, he still has fans who believe that it's the writers fault that they put the self-hurting scene and the reset button. 

    So …

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  • Tdwwebbtfan

    Hello! Which couple is the most overrated in your opinion?

    In my opinion Duncan and Courtney is the most overrated couple.

    I Don't hate this couple but i deeply loathe how overrated that couple is.

    I mean, i liked them in the first season. However, the moment i saw TDDDDI special, i already i know this couple wouldn't last. I mean in TDA Courtney started to abuse him and wanted to change him, something that Duncan did not want. Some crazy fans excuse that "Opposites Attract", "They're perfect for each other" and that "Mostly the sequels can ruin them!"

    Anyway, which couple is the most overrated in your opinion? Comment!

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