Hi folks! My review from episode 1…Great introduction, having 36 characters in less than 21 minutes must have been a hard job!! 7 male teams, 6 mixed and 5 female; 20 guys and 16 girls?? Glad that at least 4 of the guys are from TD, giving some symmetry.. My score of the episode: 6

Now, to the teams:

*Carrie and Devin – Best friends: Typical love story, main couple of the season, and fortunately something new with Devin already having a girlfriend and Carrie knowing about it, so being this different from Dave and Sky! Score: 6

*Kelly and Taylor – Mom and Daughter: Love these two, both in personalities and design, although I see some Heather elements in Taylor.. Score: 6

*Emma and Kitty – Sisters: Love them, I see Heather elements (including similar voice) in Emma, and loved Kitty’s voice. Score: 6

*Ennui and Crimson – Goths: Didn’t say anything, but that seems to be part of their personality.. Altough liked their designs too much. Score: 5

*Owen and Noah – Reality TV Pros: Glad to have them back! Score: 6

*Mickey and Jay – Adversity Twins: Cameron’s back again but with his cloned original design?? Naaaay… Though, I liked that they have a good relationship, differently to Amy and Samey, so 1 more point. Score: 2

*Stephanie and Ryan – Daters: That much kissing with only 2 months and 6 days of dating?? I don’t see much future for them (at least if this was in real life). Score: 4

*Josee and Jacques – Ice Dancers: Hilarious, and I see them being one of the last teams left. Score: 4

*Geoff and Brody – Surfer Dudes: Was Geoff referred as a surfer before, and why so many guys with pink clothes?? Cloyed with them. Score: 3

*Dwayne and Junior – Father and Son: Love that there is a father and son duo, but not thaaat much their designs. Score: 5

*Sanders and McArthur – Police Cadets: Made me laugh a lot!! And McArthur is the perfect Melissa McCarthy in TD.Hope they get really far!!!  Score: 6

*Lorenzo and Chet – Stepbrothers: Nay… Please, go now to Elimination Land!! Score: 3

*Tom and Jen – Fashion Bloggers: Atractive, sense of fashion and sense of humor too! Welcome to the world of TD, Jeniffer Pertsch and Tom McGillis!! Score: 6

*Rock and Spud - Rockers: Spud didn’t talk?? Filler!!! At least they are funny.. Haha, Rock & Roll!!! Hope they can get at least a little bit far… Score: 4

*Laurie and Miles – Vegans: I’m not a vegan, but I have many friends that are and totally love them.. They make me remember Dawn, have a reason to be en the show and I like their designs a little bit, so, 4 more points.. But Miles didn’t talk?? Filleeer!!! Score: 3

*Ellody and Mary – Geniuses: Many people mocked me for being a nerd when I was a kid but I don’t feel identified at all.. Like the previos (and similar) pair, have a reason to be in the show… But Mary didn’t speak, so: FIIIILAAAH!!!! Score: 2

*Leonard and Tammy – LARPers: Why are they introducing at the end so many teams where half (only 1) of the members talk?? They actually left the worst for the last?? Filler again, but I love Leonard, though he was eliminated very early in TDPI, screaming more and more filler… Score: 3

*Gerry and Pete – Tennis Rivals: Finally, a team with both members talking!!! Obviously, this was on purpose but still screams filler… They have been rivals since before 1977, so they are really old, the oldest contestants ever! However, I love their design , the Chris reference and that they are still dressed as tennis players. Score: 3

So, my team ranking from best to last:

1st – Owen and Noah – Reality TV Pros

2nd- Kelly and Taylor – Mom and Daughter

3rd- Emma and Kitty – Sisters

4th- Carrie and Devin – Best friends

5th- Sanders and McArthur – Police Cadets

6th- Tom and Jen – Fashion Bloggers

7th- Dwayne and Junior – Father and Son

8th- Ennui and Crimson – Goths

9th- Josee and Jacques – Ice Dancers

10th- Stephanie and Ryan – Daters

11th- Rock and Spud - Rockers

12th- Geoff and Brody – Surfer Dudes

13th- Laurie and Miles – Vegans

14th- Leonard and Tammy – LARPers

15th- Gerry and Pete – Tennis Rivals

16th- Lorenzo and Chet – Stepbrothers

17th- Ellody and Mary – Geniuses

18th- Mickey and Jay – Adversity Twins

Finally, what I think the places were according to the flights:

1st place: Jacques & Josee - Ice Dancers
2nd place: Carrie & Devin - Best Friends
3rd place: Sanders & Macarthur - Police Cadets
4th place: Junior & Dwayne - Son & Father
5th place: Stephanie & Ryan – Daters
6th place: Noah & Owen - Reality TV Pros
7th place: Emma & Kitty – Sisters
8th place: Mary & Ellody – Geniuses
9th place: Laurie & Miles – Vegans
10th place: Jen & Tom - Fashion Bloggers
11th place: Taylor & Kelly - Daughter & Mom
12th place: Rock & Spud - Rockers
13th place: Tammy & Leonard - LARPers
14th place: Ennui & Crimson - Goths
15th place: Chet & Lorenzo - Stepbrothers
16th place: Brody & Geoff - Surfer Dudes
17th place: Jay & Mickey - Adversity Twins
18th place: Gerry & Pete - Tennis Rivals (NON-ELIMINATION LEG)

Thank you!! See you in the next review (:

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