So the other day I was thinking, and the I began to wonder what would happen if TDPI had happened before TDAS? I thought up a cast and potential elimination order so here it is:

  • Just to clear up some confusion, this season takes place on Wawanakwa not Pahkitew Island. The reason season 5 took place on Pahkitew was because Chris wanted to switch things up but decided for All-Stars to go back to Wawanakwa.
  • I tried to keep it somewhat similar to the real season:

Heroic Hamsters: Owen, Gwen, Courtney, Cameron, Zoey, Jasmine, and Shawn

Villainous Vultures: Duncan, Al, Heather, Lightning, Scott, Sugar, and Scarlett

Episode 1: 13 all-stars from seasons past return to the island and are placed on either the Heroic Hamsters or the Villainous Vultures. The challenge remains the same as in the episode and Al also appears the same way however they get the amount of time he was in the robot suit correct.

  • The whole episode Gwen is trying to apologize to Courtney
  • Duncan thinks they are arguing over him
  • Scarlett tries to convince everyone that she is no longer evil
  • Sugar and Jasmine were pushing the strollers
  • The Villains lost for the same reason why the heroes lost in the real series
  • Bottom Two is Heather and Sugar and Sugar is eliminated while Owen is exiled

Episode 2: Zoey is feeling down about being away from Mike so Cam tries to cheer her up. Owen returns from Boney Island however after being attacked by many animals, he was incredibly weak. The challenge remains the same however the Villains win. Bottom two was Owen and Zoey and Owen was eliminated. Lightning was exiled.

  • Duncan and Gwen are beginning to argue because he is obsessed with Courtney
  • Al still pretends to not be able to walk
  • Scarlett allies up with Lightning

Episode 3: Gwen and Duncan begin to have doubts about how invested the other is in their relationship. Scarlett constantly compliments Lightning so he won't drop her as an ally. The challenge remains the same however the Villains won because Zoey went to shoot at Scarlett, however Scarlett ducked and shot her. The bottom two was Zoey and Courtney and Zoey left.

  • Although they are on different teams, Duncan still sacrifices himself for Gwen
  • Instead of Sam, Courtney uses Cameron as a shield
  • Courtney and Duncan still switch teams
  • Alejandro is exiled

Episode 4: This episode is very similar to the one in the series. Instead of Sam cheating, Shawn was framed for cheating by somebody unknown. Bottom two was Gwen and Shawn and Shawn was eliminated. Weird things were beginning to happen when Lightning's basketball went missing.

  • Courtney becomes attracted to Scott
  • Scarlett, Courtney, and Heather started bumping heads during the challenge
  • Scott was exiled
  • Duncan thinks he is becoming a goody goody

Episode 5: The blue harvest moon began to occur and it had a weird effect on the animals of the island... and Heather. Throughout the episode the Gwen and Duncan got separated from Jasmine and Cameron. The whole time, they did not stop bickering. Duncan then decided to dump Gwen, to which she was very upset. In the end the heroes won and the Villains sent home Lightning for not crossing the finish line on time... only to find out that Lightning will not be flushed but sent to the heroes squad.

  • Scott and Courtney's bond becomes stronger
  • Heather was not really affected by the moon and was only testing Alejandro
  • Jasmine and Cam become good friends
  • Jasmine was exiled
  • Cameron's glasses go missing

Episode 6: This episode basically remains the same. Heather is eliminated the same way.

  • Jasmine helps Cameron because he cannot see
  • Scarlett searched desperately for a new ally not finding anyone
  • Duncan was shocked when he asked Courtney to be his gf again and she refused
  • From here on, no one is exiled

Episode 7: The challenge is the same however the people they must fight are different. Courtney and Gwen become friends again and the team eliminates Cameron for doing horrible in the challenge.

  • The fights are: Duncan vs The bird, Courtney vs Gwen, Jasmine vs The monkeys, Lightning vs Larry, Cameron vs The gerbils, Scarlett vs Max, Scott vs Fang, and Alejandro vs José
  • Jasmine's lucky hat goes missing

Episode 8: This episode is very similar to the real version. Al still wins immunity and choses to take no one to the spa hotel. Lightning and Scarlett resume their alliance. Duncan is eliminated for blowing up PLAYA DES LOSERS where Chris and the staff were staying.

  • Gwen's sketch pad goes missing

Episode 9: During the 100th episode, Zeke kidnaps Chris and the challenge is to save him. Jasmine was going to save Chris however a shadow figure pushed her into a ditch and she could not get out. Right after Gwen picks up the pasta gun and saves Chris and the rest of the campers, they here a loud screetch. They find Jasmine in a ditch under a pile of rocks. Jasmine was then removed from the game do to injuries.

  • When Zeke gets hit with the spaghetti, he fell into the toxic waste and turned human again (ik it's a stretch, but it's better then him remaining feral)
  • Scottney coupled up after Scott found love letters Courtney wrote about him and asked her to be his girlfriend. They did NOT break up in this episode

Episode 10: After Courtney's journal went missing, the contestants decided to search for the thief. After looking everywhere, they found everyone's items in Alejandro's suitcase. During the challenge Al tried desperately to convince everyone that he was framed, however nobody listened to him. In the end, Scarlett and Lightning won immunity and Alejandro was voted off.

  • The obstacle coarse remained the same however there were teams
  • Scarlett and Lightning teamed up as well as Courtney and Scott which angered Gwen greatly because she wanted to be partners with her and got stuck with Al

Episode 11: Courtney was in the confessional talking about how happy she was to be friends with Gwen again and how much she liked Scott. After leaving the outhouse, Gwen went to vent when under the seat she found a list showing Courtney eliminating the contestants in the following order: Scarlett, Lightning, Gwen, Scott, and then the words "winner" next to Courtney. Gwen showed the list to everyone and she was very angry that Courtney did not want to take her to the finals and Scott was angry because he thought he was just being used. The challenge was to create a sundae for yourself to eat. The whole time, Courtney was trying to tell Gwen and that she did not make that list but they did not believe her. Meanwhile Scarlett and Lightning were doing great in the challenge and Lightning ended up completing and finishing his sundae first and won the challenge, which annoyed Scarlett. At the elimination ceremony Courtney, while in the flush of shame, proved that she did not make the list by making Scott take out his love letters revealing that the handwriting did not match. Scott and Gwen forgave Courtney and Scottney shared a kiss right before she was flushed.

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