Ten years after the last season of TD: (sorry for horrible spelling and grammar) 

Chris: Welcome back fans of TD! It's been ten years since season 8 (just took a guess) of TD wrapped up. We have brought back some of the most famous stars of today that all started on Total Drama. Here they are:

Heather and Al: (parody of Miley Cyrus) Heather got engaged to her bo on the show Alejandro after season 6 wrapped up. They were happily in love until she started living on the wild side and creating edgy music. One award show performance crossed the line and the two split. Heather has straightened herself out although they never rekindled anything. Alejandro, despite a couple modeling gigs, flew under the rador not much after they broke off the engagement.

Gwen: (somewhat parody of Demi Lovato) Gwen went back and forth between Duncan and Trent after the show ended. This led her to be very troubeled which she soon learn to express through music. Her fame went back up and she was able to stay with Duncan when Trent told her he was done playing a game of tennis with her going back and forth. She became a great judge on The Y Factor: Canada, and married Duncan. Their relationship is shaky, but they are trying in sake of their three kids.

Duncan: Duncan only really stayed in the spotlight because of Gwen, other then his one album rock group before they split after only a year. After that, Duncan started a record deal to help underground rock groups.

The Drama Brothers: The Drama Brothers continued making music and became big stars. Cody- Broke up with Sierra after season 5 and is now married to his moviestar girlfriend and have two kids together. Trent- Launched some solo albums which were huge hits. Dated Courtney for a bit but she dumped him. Got engaged to Dakota but they ended it right before the wedding. Harold- Judge on Canada's Got Talent. Married then divoriced Leshawna. Justin- continued modeling.

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