If you have not seen the TDPI ep 1 story board and do not want to be spoiled, DO NOT READ THIS!!! I appoligize if I say something not true. This is only based off a story board for ep 1. Things are subject to change. These are only my first impressions. Sorry if I sound harsh I do not mean to! :)


14: Beardo- I think he's a really dull character.vThat bionic thing is SO stupid. Thankfully, he was eliminated; although I have a strong feeling he will return. Never expected anything big from outline in the promo pic for the season.

13: Leonard- I have a feeling I won't like him. I was so confused whenever he spoke. Not a big fan. Didn't expect much from him either. I will probably warm up to him but I was just so confused.

12: Ella- Too similar to the Disney princesses.Hope she's an early boot. I thought she was French and would be like either snobby or romantic. There would have been so many plots. I really want to see how she acts this season.

11: Rodney- Broing. didnt do much other then like one scene. Reminds me of the hulk. Are all these characters based off movies? Thought he would be a friendly jock kinda like DJ, except he would actually be a jock. But thats not gonna happen.

10: Max- not a very good villain. A wannabe. Reminds me of a little kid that like complains if they don't get their way. Expected him to be a funny friendly guy. Boy was I wrong. I was hoping for a female main antagonist this season. We are long overdue for one. I'm interested to see how he pans out the rest of the season and liked his villains don't high-five line.

Now ending with the negativity and on to the characters I'm looking forward to the most
TDPI NEW teams

9. Jasmine- when I looked at her expected nothing more than a filler character who would be an early boot. I look at her completely different now. I can see her making it really far. To me, she has some Jo elements which will show she is a good leader, and she also seems a little nicer than Jo.

8. Scarlett- I really like the design for her. I hope she is similar to Beth and Courtney. Nothing much I can really say. She didn't have any lines, therfore I cannot rank her that high.

7. Topher- I cracked up when I read the scene with him and Chris. I think he is going to be a nicer version of Justin. I can see him making it far this season. His design is cool too.

6. Shawn- I exoected Shawn to be another antagonist who was a genius but hid it by acting dumb. Well that's not his personality, but I like him anyway. He reminds me of Gwen in TDI for some reason. I have a strong feeling he'll make it to possibly the finals.

5/4. Amy and Samey- OK so I predicted to opposite twins (either good and evil or sporty and girly) but they seem to be very similar, despite Amy being slightly bossier. I cannot wait to see them more! I hope Samey swithces teams and is forced to manage without her sister"s lead. I have a feeling they will be eliminated in a double-elimination.

3. Sky- I have a strong feeling she will have a relationship with Dave. I also think she will make it far. Her character seems interesting, and kind of similar to Zoey but a little more entertaining. Can't wait to see her this season.

2. Sugar- I find her HILLARIOUS. The marshmallow scene was amazing and the glitter line was priceless. I hope she makes it far because I found her really amusing. I thought she would be the main antagonist along with Shawn but after reading the script, neither of them even come close to it. I can't say I mind though.

1. Dave- Yup, he gets my #1 spot. The creators created him to be just like Noah so Noah fans would have someone similar to him. Noah wasn't one of my favorites, but I liked him. I think I'm going to like Dave even more. With a possible relationship, I think he will have a big storyline and no way is he going home early.

Keep in mind these are ONLY first impressions. I will update this list when the episode is released (most likely next year, sadly) or when anymore info is released. P.S. thank you whoever created these pictures they put a lot of effort in them.

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