• This season will take place on Pahkitew Island but will feature the contestants from TDRI. Ithe season intro is based on my predictiond for TDAS

Chris: Last time on Total Drama, 14 of your favorite and not so favorite contestants came back to compete in a dangerous fifth season. The teams were divided into heroes and villains and in the end_________. This season we are bringing back the 13 contestants from TDRI to get one more season out of them before they go back to their famous lives. New challenges, a new island, new sleeping arrangements and new drama! Catch it all on this season of Total! Drama! Pahkitew Island!

(Theme Song: Short like Tdas does a run through of the island- Cameron falls for Scott"s trap but Scott falls for another one, Anne Maria spraying hair spray in Staci's face,B creating something, Zoey and Mike bout to kiss but Mike turns to Chester, Jo and Brick racing, Dawn with animals, Lightning admiring self, Sam playing video games and Dakota trying to get his attention, ends with Chris and Chef at new podium with 13 marshmallows while the contestants sit on the benches at the elimination ceremony)

Chris: Here are the contestants now! Former mutant Dakota! Her gaming bf Sam! Multiple Mike! Sweet Zoey! Arrogant  jock Lightning! Bubble boy Cameron! Silent B! Aura reading Dawn! Tan in a can Anne Maria! Needing to lead Jo! Cadet Brick! Sheming Scott! And, pathological liar Staci!

Chris: Welcome contestants. Long time no see. 

Dakota: Ughhh so we aren't going to the film lot this time!

Chris: Nope. Welcome to Pahkitew Island, known for it's wildlife and explosions.

Mike: How can this island be explosive?

Chris: With a little help from Chef. This season, you guys will compete in more explossive challenges. If your team wins you escape elimination and sleep in the cabin.

Scott: That's what you get for winning!

Chris: you didn't let me finish, if your team loses, all of you have to share one tiny tipi in the middle of the explossive wilderness.

Scott: Nvm, I want the cabin.

Chris: That's what I thought. In order to spice things up, there will be no set teams this year. Every week I will select to captains. Those captains will then pick their teams. This weeks captains are... Jo and Brick.

Jo: Bring it on!

Brick I'd like to see you try cadet.

The teams were chosen. Brick chose Lightning, Mike, Zoey, Sam, Cameron, and Staci. Jo chose Scott, B, Dawn, Dakota, and Anne Maria. The challenge was for the captains to run around the island with a wheel barrel picking up contestants as they went. Brick's team would have won but they could not find Cameron causing Jo to pass them. 

Chris: Welcome to your first elimination! when I call your name you are safe. Zoey, Sam, Mike, Lightning, Staci, and the final marshmallow goes to... Brick! Cameron, time for you to ride the all new, slide of shame!

Since I'm too lazy to write out the rest I'll just sum up what happens:

Episode 2: Staci and be are captains. B's team wins. Staci is eliminated.

Ep 3: Zoey and Mike are captains. Mike chooses a horrible team in hopes to lose but they win. Zoey is eliminated.

Ep 4: B

Ep 5: Lightning

Ep 6: Mike

Ep 7: Aftermath

Ep 8: Scott

Ep 9: Anne Maria

Ep 10: Jo (main antagonist)

Ep 11: Dakota

Ep 12: Brick (one of the main protagonists)

Finale: Dawn: Runner-up, Sam: Winner (other main protagonist)

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