So now that Total Drama: All-Stars is over I decided to rank the all-stars on how I feel they performed this season and how likable they were. I will then say if I think the character improved or not.

14. Cameron- I'm not a big fan of Cameron, and this season did not change my opinion of him at all. I thought it was kind of weird how he said very little in the first two episodes and I did not like it. After watching him the whole season, I wished he would have continued to have not said anything. He did nothing big this season and wasn't very likable. He did not improve at all this season, just became more annoying in my opinion.

13. Sierra- I was reeeeaaaallllyyy dissapointed with her. I expected her to improve so much from just a Cody stalker and do really well this season. I thought the writers would make her more of a comedic blogger, but nope, she became even more obsessed with Cody. Are they really even dating? She did nothing big performance wise this season, although she did have some funny lines. I still like Sierra, but I feel like they made her a little more annoying and I wasn't really sad when she left, which was odd because before the season started I wanted her to win.

12. Lindsay- Not really much to say about her because of her early departure. She was funny and likable but made no impact on the season. She didn't really improve or become worse, she was just kind of there.

11. Sam- I think Sam was a really funny comidic relief, but I don't see the purpose of him being in it if he still got eliminated early. Why not replace him with Owen, and actual all-star? I do think he was likable though and did well in Food Fright despite cheating. Somewhat improved.

10. Duncan- Personally, this season made me like Duncan a lot more, kind of like in Total Drama Island. I liked the whole dilemna with him being a good guy, but it was taken a little bit too far. His interaction with Zoey was pretty interesting and I loved how they tied him into the Mal plot. One problem, the two never really interacted and it was dropped just to focus on Duncan trying to be bad again. That was a plot wasted IMO. I will definately say that Duncan improved though.

9. Lightning- Lightning was really funny this season and did well in the two challenges he competed in, (even though he misscounted) but he only competed in two episodes. I was shocked he was an early boot and think he could have been higher up the list if he didn't. Due to his early elimination, he didn't really have time to improve.

8. Courtney- Courtney did well in most challenges, but was a very inconsistant character this season. For the first half, she improved so much forgetting about Duncan, falling in love with Scott, and eventually becoming friends with Gwen again. But during the second half she slowly wiped away all of the development, although it was stratigic to make a list. I did like how she had a little bit of TDA Courtney in her towards the end, but I was upset that every reletionship she made this season was destroyed for a one time joke. So even though she did well in challenges, her likability went down causing her to be lower on the list.

7. Jo- IMO, Jo left way too early. The Heather-Jo conflict could have evolved and become really interesting, however it was cut short. Jo did really well in the challenges and was still pretty entertaining.I think her interaction this season made her improve even more. It was kind of weird though that there was no interaction with Cameron.

6. Gwen- Gwen was one of the characters this season that was inconsistant. Some episodes she was cool but then in others she was Courtney obsessed. One thing this season did for me was appreciate Gwen more like I did in TDI. Only thing I didn't like was she is no longer the cool goth loner chick she used to be but oh well. I'm glad she broke up with Duncan. I was pretty impressed that she won Zeek and Yee Shall Find.

5. Heather- The Queen of Mean.As usual, Heather was awesome this season. Jo conflict was great and so was the Alejandro one. She was really smart to trick Al in Moon Madness, but it was really stupid of her to HIDE the Chris head and then tell Al, even though he saw her do it. Only thing I wish is that she stayed longer because in my mind, she is the true all-star.

4. Zoey- I know Zoey isn't everyone's favorite, but there is no denying she did really well this season. After winning 6 (I think) challenges this season in total, she made it to the finals. I thought Zoey was pretty likable and improved a lot, but not as likable as the three above her and thats why she lands at the number 4 spot on my list.

3. Mike/Mal- I put them both on here because Mal competed half the season. I thought the story-line was really good and think Mal was an OK villain.

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