Hey so as we've gotten a couple looks on the TDPI designs, so I decided to share my thoughts on them. This was really hard because although there are some I don't like, I love a lot of them. Here we go:

14. Max: I know some people like him, however I really don't. I don't like his character and his design doesn't help out at all. He looks weird and his coloring is horrible. He has a grey looking skin tone and purple hair. I just don't like it.

13. Rodney: Okay so I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me but I just don't like his design. I feel like it's too stereotypical. His coloring however fits the design well.

12. Jasmine: I have no problem with the coloring, think it looks good, but it's the design I don't like as much. I feel like she is way too tall.

11. Shawn: I like his design and coloring, however I feel like his design is very plain and he bares to close of a resemblance to Ezekiel

10. Scarlett: I like the design, however it looks too familiar and done already.

9. Beardo: I really like his design. It's something very unique and a concept very new for the show.

8/7. Amy & Samey: I love the idea of twins and think their designs are amazing. Only reason they are not super high up on my list is because I don't think they fit that well with the others. IDK why it's just something about them.

6. Ella: Okay so I was never really sold on the princess idea, but her design is so good that I'm okay with it now. She doesn't look to similar to any princess so it doesn't look like she is a rip-off.

5. Topher: I really like his design. He looks cool.

4. Dave: His design is perfect. He does not look to similar to Cody, Cameron, or Noah.

3. Sugar: I know not everyone likes it, but I think it is amazing. She looks so good and is very original.

2. Leonard: Nothing bad can be said about his design. It fits his character perfectly.

1. Sky: I never pictured Sky to have an Asian background, but I love it! It makes her look not too similar to Zoey as I thought she was going to be. Not much to say other than I love it.

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