Although I, unlike many others, enjoyed the TDAS finale. However there is one thing I would change. When Zoey and Mike reached the top, I think Chef should have shot them both. I then think all the contestants in the balloons should return after being popped.Then there would be chaos and everyone fighting for the million. Zoey would then tell everyone to stop, and that they all worked hard for it and should all oull out the sword together. Then they push her off the cliff into the lava. Lol jk just had to say it. So what would really happen would be they would all be reluctant at first but then Mike would persuade them to give in and do it. Owen and Ezekiel would then ask to pull out the sword to and they would join in. All 16 pull it out and Chris mockingly says how sweet but it violates their contract and only one can get the money but they are all declared winners. Then the whole island sinking scene happens and everyone escapes the island on various bit and pieces from it. All the animals escape and travel to a new unknown destination where they will no longer be bothered. So this is how I would end it.

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