• Tdwtfan555

    So the other day I was thinking, and the I began to wonder what would happen if TDPI had happened before TDAS? I thought up a cast and potential elimination order so here it is:

    • Just to clear up some confusion, this season takes place on Wawanakwa not Pahkitew Island. The reason season 5 took place on Pahkitew was because Chris wanted to switch things up but decided for All-Stars to go back to Wawanakwa.
    • I tried to keep it somewhat similar to the real season:

    Heroic Hamsters: Owen, Gwen, Courtney, Cameron, Zoey, Jasmine, and Shawn

    Villainous Vultures: Duncan, Al, Heather, Lightning, Scott, Sugar, and Scarlett

    Episode 1: 13 all-stars from seasons past return to the island and are placed on either the Heroic Hamsters or the Villainous Vultures. T…

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  • Tdwtfan555

    So I had an idea for the next season of TD. What if it was an ultimate all-star season where 15 competitors from previous seasons compete to be the ultimate all-star. I know, it kind of sounds similar to TDAS, but it's not. PS DONT READ ON IF YOU'RE NOT UP TO DATE ON ALL OF THE TDPI EPISODES THAT HAVE AIRED SO FAR ON CN IN AMERICA!

    1. There are no teams. All 15 competitors are on their own

    2. Every person will be eliminated by either doing the worst in the challenge, chosen to be eliminated by the winner, or simply being voted off. Every episode the method will change

    3. Three contestants would make it to the finale

    The contestants would be Owen, Mike, Gwen, Zoey, Sugar, Duncan, Sky, Cameron, Jasmine, Shawn, Heather, Alejandro, Scott, Scarlet…

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  • Tdwtfan555

    Ep1- Beardo

    Ep2- Leonard

    Ep3- Amy/Samey (returns next ep)

    Ep4- Ella

    Ep5- Amy & Samey

    Ep6- Rodney

    Ep7- Nobody

    Ep8- Topher

    Ep9- Dave

    Ep10- Scarlett & Max

    Ep11- Jasmine

    Ep12- Sugar

    Ep13- Shawn/Sky

    These are my prediction based off the first two trailers. As more info is released my predictions may change.

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  • Tdwtfan555

    Hey so as we've gotten a couple looks on the TDPI designs, so I decided to share my thoughts on them. This was really hard because although there are some I don't like, I love a lot of them. Here we go:

    14. Max: I know some people like him, however I really don't. I don't like his character and his design doesn't help out at all. He looks weird and his coloring is horrible. He has a grey looking skin tone and purple hair. I just don't like it.

    13. Rodney: Okay so I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me but I just don't like his design. I feel like it's too stereotypical. His coloring however fits the design well.

    12. Jasmine: I have no problem with the coloring, think it looks good, but it's the design I don't like as much. I fee…

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  • Tdwtfan555

    I think the toxic waste should of just made her bald, not a mutant. The whole episode could have been her self consious about her hair and going to Zoey as a potential friend and support. Dakota could have also been worried about Sam liking her because she was bald. In the end,, Sam would say her looks don't matter and he likes her for her. That would be a way to teach the same lesson without turning her into a monster. If not, they should of just had the marshmallow of toxic loserdum touch her and have a reverse effect.

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