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  • Tdilover7

    So here it is guys. We have been speculating for a long time now, but circumstances have been changing. Not only have we seen one kiss of Duncan and Gwen, but a second is now circulating the wiki. Frankly, everyone is wondering what is going on and how it happened.

    Many have had different opinions on this ship. We have been hoping and fearing this relationship for a long time. Not only would it bring Duncan and Gwen together, but leave Courtney and Trent out in the cold. So we have questions and we all want to hear each others' answers. Is DXC and TXG over for good? What caused the kiss and how did it happen? How are everyone's thoughts changing? Is the possibility of a dream all but dissolved? When will Duncan return and what will everyone…

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  • Tdilover7

    So, guys, I want to run this one past you all. In Broadway, Baby! Gwen seems the only one ticked at our obsessive Cody fan. Here is the pic:

    Notice our lovable Goth being the only one that seems angry and annoyed here? This one is a good topic to speculate. This may not be a Sierra issue at all, but that is for you to decide.

    What are your thoughts? Even Heather looks chipper, so Gwen seeming upset means something must be up.

    Is Sierra annoying Gwen?

    Did she cost The Amazons a challenge?

    Could Cody be involved (*CXG fangirls scream everywhere*)?

    Is Gwen just having a bad day?

    Cody looks quite proud. Any thoughts on this? I am curious to see everyone’s opinion. ----Tdilover7...gotta LOVE it! 01:59, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

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