The Big Sleep

Before I review anything else, I have to say what a stupid challenge this was. The Awake-a-thon? First off, this challenge could've taken days, and they have to be done in 3. It's not a bad episode, just a stupid challenge.

At the beginning, everybody, i.e. Courtney, comments on how Eva is a freak. Courtney is such an ingrate. She barely gets saved from elimination, and she's still stuck-up as usual. I feel sorry for Eva. Then everybody must run...a 20K? Seriously? Then they're forced to down a thanksgiving feast. And thus, the AWAKE-A-THON begins...

I almost fell asleep too. I woke up when Tyler screamed for no reason. He must be stealing the crack the writers were on when they made this episode or something. Basically, you go through a boring sequence where everybody falls asleep. You're constantly watching that, Owen walk around naked, or Gwen and Trent keep eachother awake by talking.

The only highlight of this episode is Chris' antics to make them fall alseep. Chef in a sheep costume playing a harp. And let's not forget The History of Canada. A Pop-Up Book! Awesome!

Also in this episode, Heather begins her alliance with Beth and Lindsay. Thanks to Heather(Who I accually am quite fond of, just not in this episode!) Eva looks like even more of a freak. I seriously felt sorry for her as she walked the dock.;(

Plus -Heather's Alliance -Justin's way to stay awake! -Chris' antics!

Minus -Stupid Challenge! -Boring concept -Eva as an outcast(Which she was meant to be!)


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