Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

So the 22 campers get their first challenge; jumping off of a cliff and then making a hot tub! Oringinal...

The episode starts right where the last left off. Basically you watch all 22(Minus Noah!)jump or chicken out. We learn that Courtney really wants to win, but she won't help her team do it?(Gee, that's a good strategy...) Which, as expected, lands her in the bottom 2.

The highlight of this episode is definately the Heather/LeShawna conflict! That is some awesome fighting there! We see that LeShawna doens't take any crap, and Heather will lie to win.

Later on, Katie and Sadie get poison Ivy on their...butts? OK...Courtney gets a black eye, and Harold gets hit in the groin with a board and hammer. We see the Bass are very disfunctional and the Gophers work together perfectly. Sucks to be Bass. But just when you think Courtney will be voted off, Ezekiel says something sexist and the girls vote for him while the guys vote for Courtney. Wait! There are 6 boys and only 5 girls? I guess Duncan couldn't vote for Courtney. I would've liked to see Ezekiel stay, but Courtney is interesting. I can't complain.

Over all, this is a better episode. I would've liked to see more problems with the gophers besides Heather/LeShawna, but hey is was still cool!

Plus -Heather/LeShawna Fight -Katie and Sadie -Justin and the Sharks!

Minus -How well the Gophers work together compared to the Bass -Unexplained how Courtney stayed -The number of times Katie and Sadie's voice switches in these 2 episodes.


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