• Tdifreaker

    Ok, I just wanna start out by saying that this was a great rebound episode from the last. This episode mainly focuses on how much the bass suck and how cocky the gophers are. It also begins to develope the storyline of the Duncan/Courtney and Lindsay/Tyler relationships.

    So we start with the Bass. I'm so glad Courtney is regretting voting Eva off. She's finally starting to come off of her pedastol. We see that Sadie and Tyler suck at dodgeball. While Katie, Harold, and Duncan play like champs. And then there was the epic slowmotion seens where Harold dodges the balls and the gophers get all the balls thrown at them. Not much to say about the team.

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  • Tdifreaker

    Before I review anything else, I have to say what a stupid challenge this was. The Awake-a-thon? First off, this challenge could've taken days, and they have to be done in 3. It's not a bad episode, just a stupid challenge.

    At the beginning, everybody, i.e. Courtney, comments on how Eva is a freak. Courtney is such an ingrate. She barely gets saved from elimination, and she's still stuck-up as usual. I feel sorry for Eva. Then everybody must run...a 20K? Seriously? Then they're forced to down a thanksgiving feast. And thus, the AWAKE-A-THON begins...

    I almost fell asleep too. I woke up when Tyler screamed for no reason. He must be stealing the crack the writers were on when they made this episode or something. Basically, you go through a borin…

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  • Tdifreaker

    So the 22 campers get their first challenge; jumping off of a cliff and then making a hot tub! Oringinal...

    The episode starts right where the last left off. Basically you watch all 22(Minus Noah!)jump or chicken out. We learn that Courtney really wants to win, but she won't help her team do it?(Gee, that's a good strategy...) Which, as expected, lands her in the bottom 2.

    The highlight of this episode is definately the Heather/LeShawna conflict! That is some awesome fighting there! We see that LeShawna doens't take any crap, and Heather will lie to win.

    Later on, Katie and Sadie get poison Ivy on their...butts? OK...Courtney gets a black eye, and Harold gets hit in the groin with a board and hammer. We see the Bass are very disfunctional and…

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  • Tdifreaker

    Hey. I'm gonna start some episode reviews of all TDI/TDa episodes! Please leave comments of what you think!

    Well, you sorta have to like this episode. It makes a great first-watch. You see foreshadowing for almost all the relationships/friendships/conflicts. There's not much too review, as you're just meeting the campers.

    There is one bad thing; Watching this episode after you've seen it. I don't know how many times I can see all 22 campers first introduced. It's really boring. Espically Chris' rant at the beginning.

    Overall, a cool episode. Great starter.

    Plus -Good starter -Foreshadowing -Justin's introduction!

    Minus -Watching it again!


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