Ok, If you've seen the leaked clip with Duncan and Gwen kissing then you'll know what I'm talking about.

In the clip Duncan kisses Gwen and cheats on Courtney and in the description for a later episode is mentions Courtney gone and Duncan being very happy. So that implies that Duncan and Gwen hook up and Courtney is heartbroken. Now the entire problem with that is this takes place in between 3-4 episodes, and I don't get how Duncan gets over Courtney so fast due to he has been in love with her for 3 seasons! Then snuggled in The Sucky Outdoors, Got stuck together in Paintball deer Hunter, were paired in If you can't take the Heat They officially got together in Basic Straining. Duncan carved DxC in a wooden head of her, they kissed twice in the finale. Chased the money together in TDDDDI. Duncan also gave her shout outs in TDA. Then when she came to TDA she was nice and he was happy, but then they started to fight which Duncan said he loves. He voted her off but they soon got back together and spent his money. They also kept in touch in CMTDARS and in Walk Like and Egyptian he carried her bag and he only sang because Courtney asked.

BUT THEN..... 1 kiss and BOOM Duncan loves Gwen and hates Courtney. That Makes NO SENSE AT ALL! After all they've been through Duncan just hates her! I hate Duncan and Gwen being together they are just such an ugly pair. What I'm hoping is that they break up and Duncan and Courtney get back together but not immediately because that is what always happens. They should spend TDR without each other and then get back together in season 5. But what I don't get is why in that picture Duncan looks happy and Court looks angry implying that he loves her again but then he throws her down and She wants a divorce. Which means she hates him. So if Duncan and Courtney break up in 3-4 episodes after TDI,TDA, and episode 1 of TDWT then I'm a little dissapointed in the producers of the show.


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