This episode started off nicely, with the introductions and all. I loved Ezekiel's and Tyler's intro.

It seemed obvious that Alejandro would control the girls, escpecially Bridgette and Lindsay.

I liked Tyler's line," I like girls."

Anyway, Sierra was hilarious, escpecially running up to Cody.

I thought Owen was half hilarious half annoying with his whole," Being scared of flying business."

I liked how Chris said Total Drama Wooooorld Tooour!

The intro was ok, Chris randomly jumps, Owen naked, Tyler pushing a baby cart, etc. I think it was the worst so far, but that's just me.

Anyway, Chris leading them through the plane was hysterical, so was Ezekiel. Gwen dissed him. XD

LeShawna's confessional was kinda funny. "There's a camera in the potty?"

Sierra was funny talking like everyone online :P.

Noah's mouthwash remark was epic, and Tyler was funny trying to impress her, poor Ty.

Lindsay drools over Alejandro, Heather hates him, blah blah.

Chef was funny," Pretty good looking guy, too."

Sierra seems to love Chris and Cody, who does she like more? I don't know.

Ezekiel was so funny interupting Chris, and I thought he was gone for good when Chris threw him out.

Cody= Sierra's April fool XD.

Then, they sung their song, which was very nice. Bridgette and Lindsay's part was pretty cool, and they sing pretty well.

Courtney scared me....alot.

DJ and LeShawna get down, yo :P.

Ezekiel can sing pretty good, eh.

I loved Noah's," Come fly with us. Come die with us!"

Gwen's pretty epic at singing too, and Duncan's was kinda funny," THIS SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! YEAH!" :P

Then, the challenge, and Zeke is back :P


I loved Harold's hat of tinfoil, and the challenge was cool.

This challenge starts off normal, Noah cracks a sarcastic remark, and they walk through three different paths, while others want to go over the pyramid. It was pretty epic overall.

Alejandro was a showoff -_-

Tyler's 'Bah' was cool.

Courtney annoys me again, and for once, I kinda like Duncan, but not much.

Meanwhile, Tyler gets hurt, poor guy.

Sierra gets on Heather's nerves, and Courtney annoys me once again. Gwen was pretty cool, taking to Duncan about the sympathy and stuff.

DJ broke what he thought was a real dog, but it was fake, I laughed for no reason :P.

Zeke becomes a mummy thinking he found an intercom.

Bridgette surfs down with Lindsay and Alejandro.

DJ, Harold, and LeShawna were the first to finish, and Harold made a funny remark, only to be rejected by Chris.

Izzy tries to start a song about being the bride of Frankenstein and whatnot, which was hysterical.

Then, when Noah and Owen think Ezekiel(wrapped up in mummy stuff) is Izzy, Owen almost kisses Izzy, then they think he's a real mummy and run away, which was overall not a bad scene.

Then, it shows Alejandro, Lindsay and Bridgette finishing, and when Alejandro thinks he is on the same team as Bridgette and Lindsay, he is mistaken because Chris reveals there are three teams, so Alejandro is on team 2 with Tyler, who soon follows. Along with Noah and Owen, who run out screaming.

Alejandro becomes a potty mouth, securing that I hate his guts now, he's gonna be badboy this season.

Then, Sierra joins Alejandro, while Cody and Heather start Team 3.

Harold gets rejected, again.

Then, only Duncan, Gwen, and Courtney remain.

Gwen and Courtney get mad at eachother, and Duncan gets mad at Chris, and quits World Tour.

Since I hate Duncan, I was happy that he quit, and because he quit, Ezekiel was brought back in the game.

Cody made a funny confessional about buying girls a pop, then Izzy joined Team 3 and Ezekiel joined Team 1.

Team 1- Lindsay, Harold, Ezekiel, LeShawna, Bridgette, and DJ= Team Victory.

Team 3- Gwen, Courtney, Cody, Izzy, and Heather=Team Amazon.

Then, Team 2 thinks of a name, and Sierra comes up with the best name in the history of the show.

Team 2- Alejandro, Tyler, Sierra, Owen, and Noah=Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Amazon wins a camel, Chris is Really Hot wins a goat, and Victory gets a stick. Haha.


Anyway, overall this episode deserves a 9.8/10 because I didn't like the intro completely, and Owen was a tiny bit annoying, but, overall, amazing episode.

So, I will continue these reviews later, for now, see ya!

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