• Tdafan123

    TDWT Episode 1 Review

    June 12, 2010 by Tdafan123

    This episode started off nicely, with the introductions and all. I loved Ezekiel's and Tyler's intro.

    It seemed obvious that Alejandro would control the girls, escpecially Bridgette and Lindsay.

    I liked Tyler's line," I like girls."

    Anyway, Sierra was hilarious, escpecially running up to Cody.

    I thought Owen was half hilarious half annoying with his whole," Being scared of flying business."

    I liked how Chris said Total Drama Wooooorld Tooour!

    The intro was ok, Chris randomly jumps, Owen naked, Tyler pushing a baby cart, etc. I think it was the worst so far, but that's just me.

    Anyway, Chris leading them through the plane was hysterical, so was Ezekiel. Gwen dissed him. XD

    LeShawna's confessional was kinda funny. "There's a camera in the potty?"


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