Okay I know everyone is tired of hearing this problem but I think I figured it out. Try not to get mad and say i'm wrong but here me out. Okay first the mystery blonde girl is Zoey, just because she is pale and may dress something a little like a wicca it doesn't mean she is automatically a moonchild. Also with music indie can mean alterative. Back to Dawn. Most people are going by the def. of moonchild as a wicca in training well the other def. was someone under the astrological sign cancer. Well I did more research and a person with the cancer sign are said to have mood swings. Which could also explian the red head and Mike's relationship(which I believe the are most likely the final two since in TDA Beth was always by Duncan and TDWT Heather was always by Al) Well this is all my thoughts with evidence maybe Dawn will be a Wiccan since the flower but anyone can where a flower in thier hair if she isn't the creators of the show probably wanted a character different from all their characters. I don't think a show on a child-teen channel wold have a witch like person even though wiccans are peaceful but i've been wrong before. I just tried to stop the argueing but if people still try to create conflict with these people, even though the producers are probably tired of us asking questions about the show but maybe if we ask them on FaceBook to see who they are to clear it all up.

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