I have finally arrived! I'm planning on seeing my best friend tomorrow sometime. Right now I'm on the laptop,
I gotta say, the connection is suckish. But it's better than the computer at home. At the moment I'm pretty bored.
In order to continue the story I'm writing, I had to e-mail the document to myself. I also brought my sketchpad, some
pencils, my DSi, other stuff like that.

Also, I plan on making some sort of TD Character Elimination game, I'm sure it's been done before, but I wanted to try it, so why not? But I'll need to think,
if it does happen/work/if anyone bothers to comment on it, then the rules will be simple, just simply comment on who should go, whoever gets the most votes to
leave...well leaves. But if you try and vote off my top 10 fav characters first...I'll find you!

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