So you know how Total Drama labels their contestants by certain stereotypes, I was looking up some info about Zoey and I saw the label "the indie chick" and I completely forgot that she was supposed to be hipster, and found that the label doesn't really say anything about how she is in the competition.

So out of boredom I started looking at the labels of other contestants to see if the characters hold up to how they where originally intended to be. This is just a personal reflection that I made for fun, so don't take it too serious and you're allowed to disagree completely ;p

(I'm not gonna mention the contestants that have labels that I completely agree with or don't know how to change)

Zoey "the indie chick", it's mentioned in her audition tape but otherwise I don't think her hipster personality shines through in the competition. I think a better label would be "Damsel in distress" since her character's personality was basically just "Mike's girlfriend". 

Beth "the wannabe", she was a wannabe superstar in her audition tape but I don't remember her as a wannabe from the competition. My alternative "The socially awkward one", cause that's what was important about her character. At first she didn't really know how to behave and was naive but she learned about the real world and how to deal with people during the competition.

Gwen "the loner", Gwen is the most derailed character IMO. Even back in TDI. She had a short "loner" plotline when she got paired with Geoff something about never being invited to parties. But otherwise she was one of the first to have a mutual crush with a contestant, she also had a stalker and she had no trouble making friends (except with Courtney apparantly) everyone besides Heather pretty much liked her. Her second label was "the goth" which seemed solely based on appearance. My alternative would be "the unconventional one", because of her clothing style, friends but mostly behaviour.

Eva "the female bully", I guess she was a bully towards Bridgette but otherwise I didn't really see her as a bully. I think that many people don't even realise that she was supposed to be an antagonist. My alternative "the competitor with a temper". Her label should have somewhat insinuated her anger management problems.

Geoff "The funniest guy around", I feel like Geoff and Owen "the party guy" labels should have been switched. And Geoff eventually get's labelled "party guy" in total drama action. Owen then get's labeled "the big guy" but (like with Gwen) I'm not a fan of labels that are solely based on appearance.

Sadie "the sweet girl's friend" and Katie "the sweet girl", I think that's kind of mean towards Sadie, besides when the two of them fought Katie said some pretty nasty things as well. It's hard to decide on a label cause they didn't get to show much personality so I would say Sadie "the sweet friend" and Katie "the other sweet friend".

Blaineley I don't know if she has a label ... but I would say "the hostess with the mostess". => since she's the female chris.

Lightning "the athletic overachiever", I'm unsure about the overachiever part. I think that he only won one challenge. My alternative "the overconfident athlete", he really needs to improve on his teamskills and the word overconfident reflects his arrogant personality.

Scott "the devious", it fits but it's kinda lame. Alternative would be "the sociopath", "the saboteur" or "the schemer" the latter one is Noah's one. Which doesn't really fit, for Noah I would say "the cynic".

Chef Hatchet "the chef", I would have made it "the military chef".

And last but not least mister Coconut, didn't get a label but I would say "just a coconut" ;)

PS: is there a way to change the title of blogposts? I was originally gonna do something else and now the title doesn't fit with the content anymore.

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